ALSO Instructor Course - March 3, 2014


This one-day course concentrates on learning specific teaching skills for didactic lectures, hands-on small group workstations, and testing stations presented in the ALSO® Provider Course. This course focuses on adult learning, faculty development, giving effective feedback, teaching in small group workstations and evaluating participants in the two testing components used in the ALSO® Provider Course.

You must have current ALSO® Provider status in order to take this course. The ALSO® Instructor Course includes sessions on:

  • Teaching interactive workstations using mannequins and other equipment— demonstrate teaching capabilities by providing hands-on role play utilizing maternal/fetal mannequins along with timely feedback in order to adapt teaching methods to various situations
  • Presenting effective lectures—demonstrate how to give a lecture by leading a lecture and receiving feedback from faculty and other participants that can be used to enhance lecture performance
  • Teaching workstations using slides—describe how to assist participants in dealing with questions and conflicts that can occur during the workstations that utilize PowerPoint such as "Fetal Surveillance" and "OB Cases"
  • Offering effective feedback—discuss educational tools that can be used when giving feedback to ALSO® course participants

Application for CME credit has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Determination of credit is pending.

More Info: Registration and Course Agenda