Hypertension: Overview for Clinicians

Non-Pharmaceutical Therapy for Hypertension


  • Maintain ideal weight
  • Include movement and exercise in an active lifestyle


  • Increase potassium : sodium ratio by reducing salt intake and increasing consumption of potassium rich fruits and vegetables (DASH diet)
  • Replace coffee with green tea
  • 10-30 gms. of dark chocolate (70% cocoa) daily
  • Limit alcohol and avoid tobacco products


  • Consider regular practice of a meditation technique
  • Recommend abdominal breathing, slowing the breath to 6 breaths per minute for 30 breaths three times a day.
  • Consider a bio-feedback device to train breathing and positive emotions towards reducing sympathetic tone and blood pressure.


  • Co-Enzyme Q10 60-120 mg in gel form or 100-200 mg in tablet form. If taking more than 60 in gel or 100 in tablet, divide dosing to twice a day.
  • Fish oil (EPA + DHA=1000 mg/day)
  • If levels low consider;
    • Vitamin D3 1000 IU daily (will raise blood levels~10 pts.)
    • Magnesium glycenate or aspartate 500-750 mg daily
    • Potassium aspartate 1.5-3 mg (20-33 mEq). Follow serum levels.
    • Calcium 1200 mg daily


  • Hawthorn Extract 0.5-1 mL three times a day or 600-1800 mg of whole herb daily.

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