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David Rabago, MD

David Rabago Receives Wisconsin Partnership MERC Young Investigator Award

Mary Beth Plane PhD

David Rabago, MD was granted a Wisconsin Partnership MERC young investigator award for his project "Magnetic Resonance Imaging in a Study of Prolotherapy for Knee Osteoarthritis." This work will build on Dr. Rabago's current K23 grant, a randomized controlled trial testing prolotherapy for knee osteoarthritis administered by Jeff Patterson, DO and staffed by Jessica Grettie and Gay Thomas. He will be working with Richard Kijowski, MD, an assistant professor in the Department of Radiology, and will be testing a new method of Magnetic Resonance Imaging both for its use in measuring outcomes for this prolotherapy research project, and testing its use as a tool for primary care in comparison with current MRI imaging systems.

Dr. Rabago joins Alex Adams, MD, PhD, and Jennifer Eddy, MD as the Department of Family Medicine recipients of this award. This award is established to provide early researchers with resources to improve the health of the people of Wisconsin.