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DeForest-Windsor Clinic

The new UW Health DeForest-Windsor Clinic, opened on Monday, June 13, 2011.

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New DeForest-Windsor Clinic Now Open

Contributor: Trina Copus

The brand-new UW Health DeForest-Windsor Clinic opened on Monday, June 13, consolidating two older clinics in DeForest and Waunakee.

Six family physicians, one long-term float provider, and three certified physician assistants staff the new facility. An additional family physician specializing in family medicine and obstetrics will join the clinic on August 15.

The clinic also offers laboratory, x-ray, and mammography services, plus health and nutrition education including group classes.

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Space and Serenity

The new clinic is almost 22,000 square feet—substantially larger than either of the two older clinics it replaces. “The [old] Waunakee Clinic was smaller than the [old] DeForest Clinic, and you could probably fit the old DeForest Clinic in here three times,” said Clinic Manager Trina Copus.

The LEED-certified building has a lodge feel, with lots of open space and exposed wood. A Healing Garden on the grounds also contributes to its calm, serene atmosphere. According to Copus, patients routinely say the new facility is “gorgeous” as they come in.

More Services, Same Great Care

One of the biggest positive changes, other than the expanded space, is that the clinic can now offer mammography and health education on-site. Neither of the previous clinic facilities, which were built in 1979, could support those services.

“Individually, the two [old] clinics did wonderful work,” Copus said. “The combined, expanded clinic offers the same great doctors and the same great care.”

Ramping Up for Open House

Merging two smaller clinics into one large space does require a bit of acclimation by physicians and staff, but Copus said that for the most part, the change has gone smoothly.

Staff were cross-trained in each of the old clinics before the opening, and the clinic management team meets frequently to work out any logistical hurdles that arise.

The clinic is planning an open house—open to patients, physicians, staff, and the public—for later this summer.