Emeritus/emerita status is an honorary designation conferred upon retirees to recognize their contributions and accomplishments over their university careers. These titles are conferred by the chancellor upon recommendation of the department and the dean.

Name Year Position
Adams, Alexandra 2018 Physician
Aronson, Janet 2005 Residency Department Administration
Beasley, John 2018 Physician
Bobula, James A 2006 Researcher
Boyce, Claire A 2012 Medical Staff Assistant
Crouse, Byron 2018 Physician
Davis, James 2018 Physician
Davis, Jill L 2009 Social Worker
Drachenberg, Robert W 2005 Department Administrator
Dugan, Margaret E 2008 Nurse Clinician
Farley, Eugene S 1995 Physician / Department Chairman
Farley, Linda 1992 Physician
Fenlon, Charles E 2002 Physician
Fleming, Michael F 2010 Physician/Researcher
Frey, John J 2012 Physician / Department Chairman
Gjerde, Craig L 2010 Researcher
Hansen, Marc F 1993 Department Founder & Director of Family Medicine Residency
Johnson, Ronald J 2002 Human Resources Director
Kushner, Kenneth 2019 Professor
Livingston, Stanley 2018 Physician
Marchand, Lucille R 2015 Physician
Peterson, Thomas H 1995 Physician
Pfeifer, Judie M 2004 Researcher
Phelps, Lynn A 2008 Physician
Plane, Mary E 2013 Research Scientist / Research Director
Pridham, Karen A 1998 Nurse Clinician
Reschke, Janet N 2009 Information Technology Support
Roberts, Richard 2019 Physician
Scheckler, William E 2003 Department Chairman
Scheibel, William 2015 Physician
Schilling, Rae J 2007 Physician
Skochelak, Susan E 2010 Physician
Smith, Douglas 2018 Physician
Smith, Paul 2019 Physician
Van Dinter, Maureen C 2011 Nurse Clinician
Wilson, Louis James 1992 Physician
Wilton, Georgiana 2019 Researcher