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Key DFM Personnel

Jon Temte, MD, PhD – Principal Investigator


Center for Disease Control through the Wisconsin Division of Public Health


The Automated Reminder System using Health Information Technology for Wisconsin’s Reportable Communicable Diseases uses electronic demographic, diagnostic and procedural codes to identify patient encounters that conform to determinants set by Wisconsin statutes for reportable communicable diseases. Encounters that match tabular criteria result in the creation of email notification to the clinician that serves as a reminder to report the case if appropriate. In regular clinical practice, approximately 1.5% of encounters will result in a notification. The overall burden for an active clinician is very manageable. The current system is limited by time factors that are inherent to older systems of billing in clinical practices, but should be resolved with availability of direct billing within an EMR. The system appears to be practical, inexpensive to operate and have acceptability among clinicians.