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Principal Investigator:  LJ Fagnan & Eric Simpson/David Hahn

PI Department:  Oregon Health & Science University/Department of Family Medicine

Summary of Study:  CASCADE’s primary objective is to plan a large, 5-year, multi-site, pragmatic clinical trial to test the hypothesis that a skin care regimen utilizing emollient therapy from birth can prevent or delay onset of atopic dermatitis. This UM1 grant application to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) will be submitted by November 2015 and will be informed by the current 2-year planning grant. During the planning grant, we will develop a study protocol and data coordination plan with all supporting materials. We will also perform a pilot study to assess rate of accrual and parental willingness to participate in the projected 5-year study activities.

Study Design:  We plan to solicit anonymous questionnaire participation using standard opt-out methods by directly contacting eligible patients identified by the DFM data warehouse and also at point-of-service if feasible (i.e., staff hands out and retrieves questionnaires at clinic visits). The mail approach will not interfere with clinic flow or impact clinics cost-wise. The point of care approach has minimal impact.

DFM Clinic(s):  DFM clinics choosing to participate

DFM Contact: David Hahn, MD, MS

Study Contact Person:
David Hahn, MD, MS

Date of Approval: September 2014