As the Office of Community Health, we recognize that in times of crisis our systemically marginalized patients are likely to become even more marginalized. We have already seen the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on Black communities, communities of color, and other systemically marginalized communities within and beyond Wisconsin due to social determinants of health. Being prepared to understand and support our communities outside our hospital and clinic walls continues to be critical to those of us working within these spaces. We have compiled this list of material and educational resources to support our community members and care providers during this time.

If you manage a COVID-19 public health resource webpage and want to add your site to our resource list, please email to submit your page for consideration.

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Dane Country Resources

Resources/websites for community COVID vaccines

  1. Walgreens – Part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. This supply is separate from the normal Wisconsin allotment.  There are 178 Walgreens locations throughout the state in the program. Site is regularly updated based on weekly vaccine shipments.
  2. Fitchburg Family Pharmacy – Local pharmacy focused on building vaccines into their infrastructure. Link goes to a waitlist process.
  3. WI DHS Website on Vaccines – Eligibility, locations, and frequently asked questions.

Vaccine Hesitancy in Marginalized Communities

Resources for Patients and Community

Educational and Communication Resources for Providers

Multilingual Fact Sheets For Providers and Patients

General and Vaccine Hesitancy Communications Resources For Providers

General Information For Patients and Community

  • The Path for a COVID-19 Vaccine from Research to Emergency Use Authorization Handout – from FDA website

Dane County, WI Resources

DFMCH COVID-19 Community Health Partnerships

National Resources

Multilingual Resources | Recursos multilingües

Face Mask Educational Resources

  • Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association – “As mentioned in our previous APAMSA national statement, we are concerned about the heightened tensions and fear that have unfortunately stemmed from this outbreak. If you have witnessed or experienced acts of xenophobia-driven violence, we also encourage you to aid in hate crime response and prevention by sharing your story at We remain hopeful that together, we can overcome these adversities and work towards improving the health of the APIA community through this difficult time”

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