The following is helpful information for residents who teach medical students on family medicine rotations at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison.

Residents are expected to play a role in the education of medical students during their clerkship. This entails acting with professionalism and modeling the role of a family physician.  Responsibilities include guiding students in the proper techniques of interviewing and examining patients, accessing evidence-based recommendations, formulating a clinical care system. Residents will also be called upon to provide students with formative and summative feedback.

For details on goals, objectives, expectations, and teaching tips, please see:

  • Essential Information for Residents Who Teach Medical Students

Thank you for your continued support of medical student teaching by hosting our Chronic and Preventive Care (CPC) students in your clinics. This is an important way of exposing students to Family Medicine, as well as providing residents an opportunity to practice teaching skills.

With a statewide campus and asynchronous resident orientation, it is a challenge to consistently reach all programs and all residents in person. Therefore, the DFMCH Office of Medical Student Education has produced a very brief (3 minute) video that helps residents quickly review steps to make their clinical teaching more effective and efficient.

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