The University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH) welcomes the 66 learners (59 residents and 7 fellows) entering our statewide sponsored and academic partner programs this academic year. Get to know them below!

Baraboo Rural Training Track

Baraboo Family Medicine Residents

The Baraboo residents from left: David Smith, MD, Justin Lynch, MD.

  • Both are interested in preventive care and establishing long-term relationships with patients for continued care.
  • Lynch sees patient care as a partnership and plans to provide longitudinal, holistic care while also serving as a patient advocate.
  • Smith is committed to providing broad-spectrum care to underserved rural populations.  He volunteered in Haiti and participated in the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine program.

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Madison Residency

Madison Family Medicine Residents

The Madison and Baraboo residents from left: (front row) Elisabetta Tyriver, MD, Micah Larson, MD, Molly Vernon, MD, Justin Lynch, MD, David Hardin, MD, (back row) Kimberly Krawzak, MD, Aimée Wattiaux, MD, Peter Fink, MD, Kailin Randolph, MD, David Smith, MD, Evelyn Luner, MD, Noah Garber, MD, Viktoriya Ovespyan, MD, Abigail Cox, MD, Logan Yeager, MD, Rutvi Shah, MD, Kyle Sherwin, DO, Joanna Sherrill, MD.

  • Many of the new Madison residents were advocates for underserved communities.
    • Two worked with organizations to combat food insecurity in their communities.
    • Four volunteered at free clinics to provide medical care for low income and uninsured individuals.
    • Two worked to ensure access to health care for children and adults with neurodevelopmental and other disabilities.
    • Two served or developed organizations to help fellow students cope with mental health challenges including feelings of loneliness and isolation.
    • Others were involved with a wide range of community groups from programs designed to assess social determinates of health to advocating for national health care, women’s reproductive justice, and gender-affirming care.
  • The new Madison residents are committed to global and community health. Their activities have included partnering with community health workers in Haiti to improve child malnutrition, pre- and peri-natal services, and chronic disease; and examining environmental health in Ecuador.
  • Sharing a strong passion for advocacy and equity, many of the new Madison residents are strong advocates for mental health, LGBTQIA+ health, and rural and addiction medicine.

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DFMCH Fellows 2022

The new fellows from left: Muhammad Doud, MD, Margaretta Gergen, DO, Brenna Gibbons, MD, David Mallinson, PhD, Jeremiah Shaw, MD, Nicholas Sullivan, DO, Taylor Watterson, PharmD, PhD.

  • The DFMCH’s first fellows in the new LGBTQ+ Health Fellowship Program share a passion for HIV prevention and hope to provide empowering and equitable care as advocates for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The three new primary care research fellows will pursue different areas of interest in their research including health information technology, HIV prevention, and maternal and child health.

Academic Partners

Prevea Health Family Medicine Residency-Eau Claire

Eau Claire Family Medicine Residents

Eau Claire residents from left: Justin Sporleder, MD, Courtney Lynn, DO, Fallon Peplinski, DO, Nicole Schmitz, DO, Tyler Weyer, MD, Whitney Keiffer-Sharp, DO.

  • Four of the six incoming Eau Claire residents were born and raised in Wisconsin. The program’s other two residents are from Washington.
  • Four of the incoming residents are Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • The new residents have interests in full spectrum care, preventive care, and women’s health.

Gundersen Health System Family Medicine Residency-La Crosse

La Crosse Residents

La Crosse residents from left: Josh Bensen, MD, Kirsten Bluhm, DO, Kalie McCabe, MD, Nikki Johnston, MD, Carter Berg, DO, Alex Barnett, MD.

  • All the new residents are from the Midwest
  • The residents are interested in broad spectrum rural medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, behavioral health, and palliative medicine.

Aurora Lakeland-Rural Training Track

Lakeland RTT Residents

The Lakeland residents from left: Justin Kryshak, MD, Carley Reis, MD, Clayton Lanham, MD, and Muzaffar Khan, MD.

  • All four residents have a strong desire to work with underserved populations.
  • The new residents have a variety of personal interests including biking, sewing, and traveling.

Aurora Family Medicine Residency-Milwaukee

Milwaukee Residents

The Milwaukee residents from left: (back row) Alec Baca, MD, Kewmars Keyvani, MD, Augustin Hernandez, DO, Zachary Wallace, MD, Spencer Randazzo, DO, Brenna Ori, DO, Rachel Lopdrup, MD, (front row) Melissa Zak, DO, Morgan Erickson, MD, Michelle Won, DO, Stephanie Bruno, DO, Hira Gulrayz Nasir, MD.

  • Of the program’s 12 incoming residents, six are from the Midwest, and five are from other parts of the US: Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Maryland. One is from Pakistan.
  • Six incoming residents are Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine.

Waukesha Family Medicine Residency

Waukesha Residents

Waukesha residents from left: Rachel Rainey-Thomas, MD, Elizabeth Ridge, MD, Adam Kress, DO, Marisa Kress, DO, Betsy Erickson, DO, Rylee Venn, DO.

  • The new residents have a wide variety of interests including full-spectrum family medicine, women’s health, and adolescent medicine.
  • Four of the program’s residents attended medical school in the Midwest.
  • Incoming residents’ personal interests include hiking, cooking, music, travel, and boating.

Aspirus Wausau Family Medicine Residents

Wausau Residents

The Wausau residents from left: Laurel Boyd, DO, Daniel Rubio, MD, Austen Hayes, DO, Saba Khan, DO, Satchel Beranek, MD.

  • Of the incoming Wausau residents, two went to medical school in the Midwest, and two in other parts of the country: Tennessee and Pennsylvania. One attended medical school in St. Lucia.
  • The new residents have a variety of interests including rural medicine, addiction medicine, men’s health, preventive care, and sports medicine.

Published: September 2022