Sanner, Louis A
Assoc Professor (CHS)
(608) 263-1731
Northeast (Madison)

Louis Sanner, MD, MSPH, joined the DFM in 1988 and was the Madison Program Director from 1996 through 2002. He teaches and practices at Northeast Family Medical Center where he is the Medical Director. Dr. Sanner also is the Medical Director of our UW Hospital Family Medicine Inpatient Service. His academic interests center around resident education, particularly training for underserved rural and urban practice. He does OB Ultrasound and is a longstanding teacher in the ALSO (Advanced Life Support Obstetrics) program and has taught the course in the US and abroad. He serves as a national consultant to Family Practice residencies for the AAFP via the Residency Assistance Program. Lou received the Baldwin E. Lloyd, MD Clinical Teaching Award from the residents in June 1993.

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