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Key DFM Personnel

Mark Gideonsen, MD – Principal Investigator


Providing standard maternity care is an integral part of Family Medicine residency training; skills in advanced maternity care including performance of cesarean deliveries have been secured by many FPs but no standardized training or certification for these skills exists. A new iinitiative is under way under the aegis of the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS), to develop a board certification for FPs in operative obstetrics. Data are lacking, however, to answer the underlying questions which stalled previous initiatives.


The goal of this research project is to assess whether establishing Board Certification in Operative Obstetrics for Family Physicians (FP-OB) is advisable.


Data will be collected by the Principal Investigator, using written scripts and written surveys.


To be presented at a DFM meeting and will be submitted for Publication. This research will help crystallize arguments within the ranks of FPs for and against establishing formal certification to perform operative obstetrics as well as query interested parties outside Family Medicine to determine whether such certification would alter the privileging status, insurability, or liability of FPs with and without such certification.


The health relevance of this research is to assist Family Physicians’ ability to continue providing high quality operative and non-operative maternal health care.