Are you sick of studying? Wondering what it’s like to actually be out and working as a family medicine doctor? Now you can with FMIG’s call shadowing at both St. Mary’s and UW Hospitals. M1’s and M2’s have the opportunity to shadow family medicine residents when they are on call service overnight.

  • offered on two Thursday evenings of every month:
  • Mary’s: 6pm to midnight (6 hours)
  • UW: 7pm to midnight (5 hours)
  • Only two students can shadow per nights
  • space for 4 students per month
  • offered on a first come, first serve basis

What is expected of me?

  • Follow a first-year family medicine residents while they work in the hospital
  • You will not be seeing patients independently or writing in the patient’s chart
  • This experience will give you some insight into your future residency experiences

What do I wear?

  • Wear your white coat
  • name tag
  • professional attire

If interested in call shadowing contact Nicole Watson (

Contact Us

Nicole Watson
OMSE Medical Student Programs Coordinator
Email: Contact
(608) 263-1334