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Principal Investigator: David H. Gustafson, PhD

PI Department: Industrial Engineering

Summary of Study: The purpose of the research is evaluate the impact of a recovery support system named Seva on Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), where issues such as coordination of care, job satisfaction, and the cost of adopting and operating new technologies are critical.

Objective: This study will evaluate how to best implement a technology-based system (Seva) for substance use disorder treatment into FQHCs. A secondary goal is to evaluate whether patient-issued smart phones equipped to provide therapeutic education and recovery support will help patients reduce drug and alcohol use and other risky health behaviors when coupled with a clinic level population management tool.

Study Design: 100 patients and approximately 5 clinicians will be recruited at Wingra/ACCESS clinic. Study coordinators will identify clinician subjects interested in participating in the study. Study personnel will provide training on Seva, which will be given to the clinician subjects prior to patient subject enrollment. Participating clinicians will also be asked to complete a set of surveys every 6 months. A subset of participating clinicians will be asked to complete a brief interview every 6 months, to provide additional qualitative information about the implementation process.

Participating clinicians at Wingra/Access FQHC will review medical records to identify potentially eligible patient subjects. The study recruitment coordinator will meet with any potentially interested patients. Eligible subjects will be provided training on how to use the smart phone, complete survey and ecological momentary assessment questions, and navigate the information and resources in Seva. Subjects will have access to Seva for 12 months. The UW research team will conduct all follow-up activities.

DFM Clinic(s): Wingra/Access

DFM Contact: Randall Brown MD, PhD, FASAM

Study Contact Person:
Fiona McTavish, MS

Date of Approval: 12/2012

Dates of Study: ongoing