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Principal Investigator: Paul A. Anderson

PI Department: Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Summary of Study: This study will consist of examining stadiometers for reliability and observing patient height measurements to assess height measurement techniques utilized by clinic personnel.

Objective: Looking at the reliability of height measurements in order to assist with a tandem study involving a retrospective review to assess height change as a predictor for osteoporosis, osteopenia, vertebral fractures, and vitamin D deficiency. If we can determine a relationship between height change and these factors, it would be beneficial to know how reliable height measurements are so we know the error we need to take into account when screening and managing patients with osteoporosis.

Study Design: Observation of height measurements

DFM Clinic(s): DFM clinics wishing to participate

DFM Contact: Larry Hanrahan, PhD, MS

Study Contact Person:
Anthony Mikula

Date of Approval: July 2014