Are you a primary care clinician looking for new ways to help your patients and advance the science of primary care?

Are you an investigator interested in conducting research in a real world setting?

Are you a community-based professional interested in collaborating with primary care on projects to improve community health?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please consider joining WREN.

How Your Association Helps WREN

Practicing clinicians help WREN by:

  • Participating in high-quality translational research projects in “real-world” family practices across Wisconsin
  • Participating in WREN surveys and providing valuable insight about clinician practice

 Researchers help WREN by:

  • Developing research projects with WREN
  • Collaborating with WREN on research studies

Community-based professionals help WREN by:

  • Identifying ways to work together on the many health issues important in both primary care and the larger community
  • Working with WREN to ensure that the work we do has an impact that extends beyond the walls of primary care clinics

How Association with WREN Helps You

WREN staff can assist with all aspects of the research process

  • Fine-tuning a research question or idea
  • Identifying funding sources
  • Assisting with grant writing
  • Developing research methods
  • Coordinating and implementing research projects
  • Analyzing research results, writing manuscripts, and disseminating findings

WREN staff are experienced in Practice Facilitation and Quality Improvement methods

WREN keeps associates up to date on primary care research in Wisconsin

  • Convenes an Annual Meeting to highlight primary care research and quality improvement projects conducted in the state
  • Distributes a newsletter detailing current projects, new initiatives, and associate news

WREN facilitates connections between practicing clinicians and researchers and community-based professionals to tackle common goals

There is no fee to be a WREN Associate.

Wisconsin Research & Education Network (WREN)


WREN Associates