Project: San Lucas Health Project
Fellow: Maryalyse Adams
Mentor: Dr. Tellez-Giron
Agency: San Lucas, Toliman, Guatemala
Team: Jackie Redmer, Liz Harris, Joseph Eichenseher, and Diane Witek

Fellow Bio:
I graduated from the Univeristy of California at Santa Barabara. Shortly after graduation, I worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Guatemala in agroforestry and animal husbandry. After Peace Corps I worked for a year at a student health clinic and volunteered as a Spanish interpretor at the Southside MEDIC clinic. I am interested in both Family Medicine and OB-GYN, international medicine, practicing medicine in an underserved area, and enjoying life with my husband and dog.

Project Description:

Inputs (information, resources, ideas, stakeholders)

To help execute this project, we have had help and continue to seek help from a variety of sources. We have been in contact with Kathy Huebert, who schedules medical school groups to work at the SLHP. We have worked closely with the LOCUS members that went to Guatemala in 2003, especially seeking guidance from Adam Marks. Our group(Jacqueline Redmer, Elizabeth Harris, Diane Witek, Joseph Eichenseher, and myself) have coordinated our efforts in the organization of this experience, working individually on certain aspects of the project.

Activities (essence of program, components, linkages, partners, team members)

The essence of our program is to maintain and further the partnership between LOCUS and the SLHP. We feel that LOCUS members will gain an invaluable experience that will expose them not only to the field of international medicine, but will also help them develop the skills important in working with Hispanic communities and underserved areas.

In addition to traveling and working at the San Lucas Health Clinic, we are also trying to gather supplies from local pharmacies to bring with us to Guatemala. Since the San Lucas Clinic is a volunteer organization, they depend on such donations and supplies for their continued activity.

LOCUS members participating in this project are Elizabeth Harris, Jackie Redmer, Charmain Dresel-Valasquez, Diane Witek, and Joseph Eichenseher

Short Term Outcomes (communications, evaluation plans, program design)

The short term outcomes we hope to achieve include the development of clinical skills, increased cultural awareness, further understanding of the barriers and issues involved in health care delivery to rural and impoverished areas, and increased proficiency in Spanish. At the mission, we will work with doctors and other health care professionals in the mobile clinic, traveling from village to village, and helping to provide medical and dental care.

Final Outcomes (final program, evaluation measures, how will it be sustained?)

Our long term goals are focused on establishing a continued partnership between LOCUS and the SLHP. We hope that our experience this summer will allow future members to easily participate in this program. Ideas for sustaining this project include the development of a resource manual specifically for students containing information about contact people, transportation, daily activities, language school options, history of the SLHP, grant resources, budget, useful items, and personal stories. We hope that this information will be incorporated into construction of a web-page link off the UW School of Medicine and Public Health homepage, providing future members and volunteer physicians with information so they can arrange their own trips. We also wish to share our experiences with our other medical students in the form of noon discussions and present at the Fall Global Health Symposium.

Project Goals:

Our goals are as follows:

  • To further establish a working partnership between the SLHP and UW medical school, similar to the relationship that exists between the SLHP and other universities.
  • To experience health care delivery systems in resource-poor areas
  • To experience the challenges of providing rural health care in a less developed nation.
  • To improve our medical spanish and become more culturally competent.
  • To help support the San Lucas Health Project in providing acute care to farmers in rural Guatemala.
  • To better our clinical exam skills.

Challenges and Solutions:

Our anticipated challenges include:

  • Understanding the needs of SLHP and how we can help fulfill these needs.
  • Communicating these needs to the UW School of Medicine and Public Health comminity.
  • Finding physicians to volunteer with us.
  • Locating and gathering donated medication that SLHP needs.
  • Providing medical care with our limited medical background.

Next Steps:
Locus Project Objectives and Key Tasks Target Date for Completion
We plan on completing all of the above mentioned objectives during our trip to SLHP.  
Resource Needs:

We will need to gather donated medications that SLHP can use, time and money, and physcicians willing to volunteer at SLHP with us.


Last update:

January 5, 2005

Graduation Requirements Progress Chart
If you complete the requirements outlined below, you will graduate as a LOCUS fellow.

A check indicates the item has been completed.

Completed When What On-line
check Year 1: Beginning of Semester 2 New Project Report Submit Report
  Year 2: Beginning of Semester 1 Project Update Submit Update
  Year 2: Beginning of Semester 2 Project Update Submit Update
  Year 3: Beginning of third year Project Update Submit Update
  Year 4: August of fourth year 2-3 page final summary of project that includes a reflective evaluation of the project process N/A
  Ongoing Participate in program evaluation (written and/or focus group) View Options
  By the end of fourth year Select poster, presentation, paper, creative option or your own idea View Options

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