LOCUS Public Health Committees

One of the opportunities you may choose as a LOCUS student is to become involved with a committee in the Division of Public Health (State of Wisconsin, Department of Health and Family Services). This is a unique opportunity to experience health care policy issues from the standpoint of Wisconsin's public health administration and affected populations and communities throughout the state. The state Department of Health and Family Services maintains a web site with information on Public Health in Wisconsin that can be found at A list of committee opportunities follows.

Asthma Coalition
Help to develop a statewide plan to improve the quality and consistency of evidenced-based asthma care and prevention, reduce environmental asthma triggers, and eliminate disparities in the burden of asthma.

Bioterrorism Coalitions
Participate on one of three statewide coalitions most relevant to health professionals (community, education, and health professions). The education coalition addresses how to incorporate critical bioterrorism education in school curriculae, including medical schools. The community coalition focuses on meeting the needs of special populations such as racial/ethnic minority communities and persons with disabilities. The health professions coalition focuses on the training needs of practicing health professionals. All coalitions are just getting started so there is time to get involved from the ground floor. More info at

Bioterrorism Preparedness
Participate on bioterrorism assessment and preparedness planning meetings and volunteer with regional exercises to test mass readiness. More info available at

Cardiovascular Health Alliance
Work with a diverse group of health professionals, policy advocates, fitness and nutrition enthusiasts and other partners to develop a multifaceted plan to reduce heart disease and stroke among Wisconsin residents. This includes environmental planning and incentives to promote healthful activities such as walking and biking. More info available at

Colorectal Cancer
Work on colorectal cancer prevention activities with medical and community personnel.

Diabetes Statewide Advisory Workgroup
Work with a diverse group of health professionals, healthcare organizations, and other partners to develop shared clinical guidelines for diabetes prevention and treatment. More info available at

Environmental Health Steering Team
Comprised of Wisconsin environmental professionals from local public health departments, state agencies, and branches of the University of Wisconsin system. The Steering Team provides broad guidance to the Division of Public Health's environmental health initiatives, including dual-use environmental health services and expertise from chemical terrorism preparedness personnel. Steering Team meetings are generally convened every two to three months. In the coming months, the Steering Team will begin a process to identify, review and prioritize environmental indicators for environmental health tracking. More info available at

Integrated Electronic Data and Real-Time emergency communications
Help build the infrastructure and promote adequate implementation and education about the statewide Health Alert Network (HAN) and National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS).

Mental Health Anti-Stigma Workgroup
This is a diverse group working on an anti-stigma mental health campaign to meet one of the mental health priorities of the state health plan. This very active and informative group meets regularly in Madison and is open to students interested in mental health.

Minority Health
The Wisconsin Minority Health Program plans a forum on April 11, 2003 in Milwaukee to develop a strategic plan for addressing disparities in the state. The forum provides an opportunity for students to interact with a broad array of community members working on a very important health issue. Students can provide assistance with planning this event, and, if interested, submit information relevant to how medical/health professions students can make a contribution to this area and perhaps also facilitate a round table for medical students at the forum. It's an all-day event that includes a stakeholder forum followed by a minority health recognition and awards luncheon. More info available at

Occupational Injury and Health
Work with various projects to: Adult Lead Poisoning, Asthma, Cardiovascular disease, Occupational safety partnerships, Silicosis, Youth Occupational Injury Prevention Center. More info available at

Oral health
Participate on the Healthy Smiles for Wisconsin coalition and learn about dental health access issues for children, adults, and special populations. More info available at

Perinatal Health Summit workgroup
Learn about strategies to improve pregnancy, birth, and infant health outcomes in Wisconsin.

Public Health Advisory Committee
Meets on a quarterly basis to discuss general public health issues and provide guidance to the Division of Public Health. Currently, they are providing oversight to the State Health Plan and discussing how to govern this process.

For more information, please contact the LOCUS liaison in the Division of Public Health:

Denise Carty, MA, MS, RN
Minority Health Officer
1 West Wilson St., Room 250
Madison, WI 53701
Phone: (608) 267-2173
Fax: (608) 267-2832

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