Hansmann, KelliaClinical Instructor
(608) 241-9020
Northport Dr (Madison)

After completing her Family Medicine Residency with the DFMCH, KJ Hansmann joined the Primary Care Research Fellowship to evaluate population health interventions that address social determinants of health. Her medical education and career have been greatly informed by a desire to make positive change in the communities where patients live. As an undergraduate, Dr. Hansmann’s political advocacy and community organizing efforts taught her that health begins where people live, learn, work, and play. As a medical student and Family Medicine resident, Dr. Hansmann participated in multiple projects outside of clinical duties that aimed to create safe spaces for people to live healthy, active lives. Dr. Hansmann continues to partner with Lake View Elementary School and local advocacy organizations near her home clinic, Northeast Family Medical Center, and strives to integrate her interest in community-based projects with her research goals during the fellowship.

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