Congratulations to the Program for Research, Outreach, Therapeutics, and Education in the Addictions (PROTEA) on receiving a Collaborative Health Services Program award through the Wisconsin Partnership Program! The project, Screening in Trauma for Opioid Misuse Prevention: Adaptive Intervention (STOMP-AI), will pilot test an adaptive clinical care model that aims to reduce opioid misuse and addiction risk while optimizing pain management and functional recovery after injury. The award provides $600,000 over three years; Randall Brown, MD, PhD, FASAM is principal investigator.


Program for Research, Outreach, Therapeutics, and Education in the Addictions (PROTEA)

This study builds on prior work done by Brown and Ben L. Zarzuar, Jr., MD, MPH, FACS (UW Department of Surgery) in improving outcomes after traumatic injury. Additional key collaborators include Andrew Quanbeck, PhD; Rachel Grob, PhD; Guanhua Chen; Jen Zaborek, MS; Shinye Kim, PhD; Colleen Trevino, RN, NP, PhD; Danny Almirall, PhD; and Tamara Somers, PhD.

PROTEA is an interdisciplinary group that engages in innovative and collaborative programs of research, education, patient care, and community engagement to improve systems of prevention and treatment for substance-related issues and thereby improve health and well-being in patients and communities.

The Wisconsin Partnership Program uses an interdisciplinary approach combining experiential education, action research, advocacy, and systems change to amplify diverse lived experiences and patient-generated ideas for change and transform healthcare to prioritize the well-being of patients, families, and communities.

Published: July 2023 | Updated August 2023 to reflect project name change.