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Explore the Baraboo Rural Family Medicine Residency Program.

Baraboo Rural Training Track Program

Located just 45 minutes north of Madison, the Baraboo RTT Family Medicine Residency Program trains residents in a rural setting, providing them with a lifestyle that truly mimics private practice in a rural community.

"What I love about Baraboo is that it allows me the flexibility and connections of a well-known and respected department of family medicine as well as the procedural and high-risk opportunities of rural family medicine. It is truly the best of both worlds!"
Rachel Hartline, MD, PGY3 - Class of 2015

The program offers a flexible “hybrid longitudinal curriculum” in an apprenticeship model allowing residents to gain full-spectrum family medicine experience by participating in: hospital rounds, clinic, urgent care/ER call, hospital admissions, and obstetrics. In this setting, residents are involved in much of the hands-on continuity patient care.

Want to further explore rural physician training?

At www.traindocsrural.org, you’ll learn about the advantages of residency training in a rural place. Read and listen to first-hand accounts from RTT residents and find out why they’ve chosen a rurally located residency program.

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