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Explore the Baraboo Rural Family Medicine Residency Program.

Baraboo Rural Training Track Program

The Baraboo Family Medicine Residency Program, a separately matched, accredited Rural Training Track, offers an opportunity to explore a wide range of practice areas in a rural setting just 45 minutes north of Madison.

"The Baraboo program… provides you an incredible amount of continuity with your patients. The daily structure makes you feel like you are in a real-life practice. I feel like I’ll be ready to hit the ground running."
Christina Hook, MD (2007 graduate)

Our program offers strong unparalleled training in maternity care and medical/surgical procedures. Residents experience total continuity of care, following patients from office to hospital to nursing home and back to the community.

Our flexible curriculum emphasizes a positive teaching methodology, gradually increasing responsibility, and lifelong learning.

The Baraboo training experience is rural medicine. We invite you to learn more about our exciting program.

Want to further explore rural physician training?

At www.traindocsrural.org, you’ll learn about the advantages of residency training in a rural place. Read and listen to first-hand accounts from RTT residents and find out why they’ve chosen a rurally located residency program.

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