Baraboo Interviews

The Baraboo Rural Training Track is excited for the 2024-2025 residency interview season! The Baraboo program will conduct in-person interviews and offer optional virtual and in-person Second Look events in partnership with the Madison Residency Program. 

We will conduct a holistic review of all eligible applicants and offer invitations to interview starting September 30, 2024. Our first day of interviews will be October 29, 2024.We will be using ThalamusGME to schedule our interviews and optional events. Interviews will be conducted at our Family Medicine Clinic in Baraboo at 1700 Tuttle St. 

Program Signaling

Baraboo is accepting program signals. We may consider signals when making interview offers, but the presence or absence of signals will not be used when developing our final rank list. We encourage students to signal the programs they are most interested in, regardless of their medical school or experience rotating with a program. 

Optional Events

We are excited to offer a virtual and in-person Second Look. Both Second Look events will be with the Madison Program. The virtual Second Look will be hosted on WebEx, and the in-person Second Look will be hosted in Madison. 

Applicants and their partners are invited to attend. Our Second Looks can be self-scheduled on ThalamusGME. Attendance is optional and will not impact an applicant’s position on our final rank list.