Oriel, Kathleen A
Assoc Professor (CHS)
(608) 241-9020
Northeast (Madison)

Kathy Oriel, MD, MS is originally from Michigan and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia for undergraduate and medical school. She completed residency training at St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center in Minnesota, and then participated in a research fellowship at the UW-Madison.

Kathy’s focus is in teaching and practicing family medicine with particular interests in maternity care, resident physician professional development, and working with underserved communities, including LGBT persons. Professionally, Kathy has dabbled in research on domestic violence, motivational interviewing as a method to enhance behavioral change and the “impostor phenomenon” in family medicine residents.

Outside of work, Kathy enjoys playing with her children, being outside and active, and being silly. She likes a good cup of coffee anytime.

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