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Great Lakes FASD Regional Training Group

Great Lakes FASD Regional Training Center

Key DFM Personnel

Georgiana Wilton, PhD - Principal Investigator
David Wargowski - Co-PI and Medical Director
Barbara Vardalas, MA - Evaluator
Ron Prince, MS - Statistician (not pictured)
Kristi Obmascher, BS - Training of Trainers Director


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


The Great Lakes FASD Regional Training Center (GLFRTC) is a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin departments of Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and professional Development and Applied Studies. Project staff will develop, implement, and evaluate a university-based training program for medical and allied health professionals and students on the prevention, identification, and treatment of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). GLFRTC will utilize the FASD Competency-Based Curriculum for Medical and Allied Health Education and Practice developed cooperatively by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and grantee partners. The project will be housed at the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine, and target neighboring states including Michigan, Indiana, and Minnesota; as well as other areas not served by a regional training center including Ohio.

A key component of the GLFRTC will be the provision of FASD training. Project staff will work with partners across the region to plan and offer a cadre of in-person trainings, and provide an annual Training of Trainers (TOT) program to train additional clinicians across the region. In addition, the center will develop and provide a number of skills-based modules to supplement the FASD Curriculum including FASD diagnostic skills for physicians; and skills and strategies for working with patients affected by FASD and their families. "eLearning" tools will also be utilized as well as an interactive website to reach providers and students across the Great Lakes region and beyond, including hosting online learning modules available for CEUs and CMEs.

For more information, or to request training on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, please contact: Georgiana Wilton, PhD, or check out our Web site: www.pregnancyandalcohol.org