Thirty-seven Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH) faculty, residents and staff presented posters, led seminars and facilitated roundtables at the 49th Spring Conference of the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM), held April 30-May 4, 2016, in Minneapolis.

Their presentations focused on topics of strategic importance to the DFMCH, including community health initiatives; training and support for physicians in underserved areas; physician compensation reform; transgender health; diversity, inclusion and health equity; and global health partnerships.

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Founded in 1967, the STFM is an association of nearly 5,000 family medicine educators, including medical school professors, preceptors, residency program faculty, residency program directors and others involved in family medicine education.

Next year’s STFM conference will be held May 5-9, 2017, in San Diego, CA.


Julia Yates, MSSW, LCSW; Bonnie Garvens, MD; Jennifer Edgoose, MD, MPH; and Karina Atwell, MD
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DFMCH Presentations at STFM

Scholarly Topic Roundtables

  • B012: The Engage Initiative: Five Key Ingredients for Perfectly SPICED Seminars (Melissa Stiles, MD; Thomas Hahn, MD; Ildi Martonffy, MD; Magnolia Larson, DO; Jenny White)
  • B058: Sustaining the Vitality of Family Physicians Aspiring to and Working in Urban, Underserved Settings (Anne Getzin, MD; Deborah Simpson, PhD; Cynthia Haq, MD; Bonnie Bobot, MD; Kjersti Knox, MD)
  • B082: Strengthening Family Medicine Faculty Development in Ethiopia: A Qualitative Needs Assessment (Ann Evensen, MD; Paul Larson, MD, MS, DTMH)
  • B032: Less Is More: Indexing Evidence-Based, “Less-Medical” Patient Care (William Cayley, Jr, MD)

Fellows, Residents, Or Students Research Works-in-Progress Posters

  • FP020: Goal-Oriented Assessment of Learning: Development of a Career Planning Tool for Residents (Patrick Huffer, MD)
  • FP032: The “2020 Fitness and Lifestyle Challenge” Revisited: Effects of Community-Supported Clinic-Based Obesity Group Visits on Quality of Life, Mental Health, and the Development of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors (Vincent Minichiello, MD; Thomas Hahn, MD; Julia Yates, MSSW, LCSW; Magnolia Larson, DO; Brian Arndt, MD)
  • FP055: Aurora Family Medicine Residency Reporting and Communicating Diagnostic Test Results Standard Workflow Quality Improvement Project (Jasmine Wiley, MD; Anne Lovell; Wilhelm Lehmann, MD, MPH; Javier Leiva; Elizabeth Quiroz, MD; Konrad de Grandville; Jennifer Hartlaub; Kerry Kula, RN; Priscilla Garcia, MA; Stephanie Dunway; Pamela Graf; Sarah Bowlby)
  • FP077: Putting Out Fires Before They Start: A Community, Residency Clinic, Fire Department Partnership (Christopher Danford, MD; Emily Torell, MD;  Jennifer Edgoose, MD, MPH; Julia Lubsen, MD)

Scholastic Posters

  • SP09: WISE FM (Wisconsin Institute for Scholars and Educators in Family Medicine): Creating Infographics for Preceptor Development (Melissa Stiles, MD; Jeffrey Morzinski, PhD, MSW; Kjersti Knox, MD; Magnolia Larson, DO; Douglas Bower, MD; Anne Getzin, MD; David Deci, MD; Deborah Simpson, PhD; David Klehm, MD; Maureen Longeway, MD, John Brill, MD, MPH)
  • SP10: The Long White Coat Ceremony for Residents & Faculty in Family Medicine (Jacob Bidwell, MD, Mark Robinson, DO; Catherine De Grandville,MD, Esmeralda Santana; Deborah Simpson, PhD)
  • SP35: A Culinary Medicine Program for the Elderly: Increasing Food Pantry Utilization Rates (Brian Arndt, MD; Jared Dubey, DO; Vincent Minichiello, MD; Melissa Stiles, MD)


  • L15A: My Residents Want to Do Trans* Health: Now What? A Toolkit for Residency-Based Clinics (Ronni Hayon, MD; James Conniff, MD; Shanin Gross, DO; Sara Thorp, DO)
  • L28B: Educational Leadership of Community-Based Health Systems: Development and Transitions (Jacob Bidwell, MD; Kathleen Zoppi, PhD, MPH; Mary Hall, MD)
  • L35B: Publishing Your Narrative (John Frey, III, MD; Robin Gotler, MA)
  • L60A: Global Health Partnership: UWECFMR and Midwives for Haiti (Jaime Stringer, MD; Gretchen Adams, DO; Sakina Sachak, MD)
  • L69A: Training in Urban Medicine and Public Health (TRIUMPH) Program: Training and Retaining Community Responsive Physicians for Urban Health Professional Shortage Areas (Melissa Lemke, MA; Cindy Haq, MD; Kjersti Knox, MD; Anne Getzin, MD; Jonathan Dickman, MD)
  • L73B: Moving Away From the RVU: Care Delivery Changes With Implementation of Physician Compensation Reform (Jennifer Lochner, MD; Beth Potter, MD; Brian Arndt, MD)
  • L79B: Moving Beyond the Opioids: Developing Chronic Pain Health Plans (Russell Lemmon, DO)
  • L82B: Implementing BLSO: A Model for Faculty and Residents to Teach Family-Centered Obstetrical Care to Preclinical Students (Jacqueline Gerhart, MD; Emily Barker; Billy Burrough; Kristin Magliocco)


  • S10: ABCs of Interprofessional Education in a Teaching PCMH FQHC (Ildi Martonffy, MD; Meghan Fondow; Jessica O’Brien, MD; Mary Vasquez, APSW)
  • S12: Creating Change: Rallying a Statewide Department to Embrace Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity (Jennifer Edgoose, MD, MPH; Robin Lankton, MPH, CHES; Nancy Pandhi, MD, PhD; Kjersti Knox, MD; Angela Black, PhD)
  • S81: What’s In a Name? Transforming to a Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (Robin Lankton, MPH, CHES; Kirsten Rindfleisch, MD; Valerie Gilchrist, MD; Jennifer Edgoose, MD, MPH; Jennifer Lochner, MD; Brian Arndt, MD)


  • WF4: Building Relationships With African-American Patients: A Qualitative Evaluation of Physician Behaviors (Jonas Lee, MD)
  • WJ2: Goal-Oriented Assessment of Learning: Tailoring Residency Education Around Career Goals (Thomas Hahn, MD; Jensena Carlson, MD; Patrick Huffer, MD)
  • WK1: The Number Needed to Teach: Eliminating the Statistics Fear Factor and Improving Data Literacy With an Innovative Curriculum (Thomas Hahn, MD)

Published: June 2016