Research on critical aspects of primary care—including opioid management, alcohol dependence relapse prevention, hypertension control, infectious disease prevention and surveillance, interdisciplinary teamwork and the health of indigenous and vulnerable populations—was the focus of UW Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH) presentations at the 2017 North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) annual meeting, held November 17-21, 2017, in Montreal, Quebec.

The DFMCH presented the work of 31 of its faculty, staff, and fellows through one plenary session, 16 posters and seven oral presentations, one forum and one workshop. Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD, was also a moderator for the Child and Adolescent Health oral presentation session, and Bruce Barrett, MD, PhD, and Dennis Baumgardner, MD, were conference reviewers.

NAPCRG is a multidisciplinary organization for researchers from all primary care generalist disciplines and related fields, including epidemiology, behavioral sciences and health services research. Its annual meeting is a forum for primary care researchers from across the globe to gather and present their research, collaborate for new research, and foster growth for up-and-coming researchers.

Cindy Burzinski, MSc, with her poster, “Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Alcohol Dependence: Findings From a Randomized Controlled Trial.”
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All of the DFMCH’s presentations are listed below. Thanks to everyone who participated for your great work!

Plenary Session

Indigenous Health and Wellness: Transformed With Community-Chosen Research and Interventions

Elder Amelia Tekwatonti McGregor; Ann C Macaulay, CM, MD, FCFP, FCAHS, FRCPC (Hon.); Treena Wasonti:io Delormier, PhD; Shirley Bighead; Norma Rabbitskin, RN; Scott Krueger RD, CD, CDE; Alexandra K Adams, MD, PhD;

Vivian R Ramsden, RN, BSN, MS, PhD, MCFP (Hon.)

Poster sessions

  1. P108: Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Alcohol Dependence: Findings From a Randomized Controlled Trial (Aleksandra Zgierska, MD, PhD, Cindy Burzinski, MSc, Marlon Mundt, PhD)
  1. P129: The Role of an Editor in Primary Care Research (Laura Cruz, Lawrence Hanrahan, PhD, MS)
  1. P130: A Rapid Research Program to Develop Physician Learners (Lawrence Hanrahan, PhD, MS, Laura Cruz, Jen Birstler, MSc, Derek Norton, MSc)
  1. P168: The Lifestyle Initiative: An Innovative Coaching-Based Pilot Study to Improve the Health of Our Systems Caregivers and Family Members (Jessica Kram, MPH, Tiffany Mullen, Dennis Baumgardner, MD)
  1. P196: Understanding Loneliness in Primary Care (Rebecca Mullen, MD, MPH, Sebastian Tong, MD, MPH, Winston Liaw, MD, MPH, Roy Sabo, PhD, Alex Krist, MPH, MD, Donald Nease Jr, MD, Frank deGruy III, MD, MSFM, John Frey III, MD)
  1. SRF081: Patient and Physician Attitudes Toward Climate Change and Health (Taylor Boland, Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD) (Related article on this project [])
  1. P271: Are There Advantages to Hiring Our Training Program Graduates? (Jessica Kram, MPH, Dennis Baumgardner, MD)
  1. P272: A Pilot Curriculum Developed From Health Experiences Research: Impact on Third-Year Medical Students (Nancy Pandhi, MD, PhD, Rachel Grob, MA, PhD)
  1. P279: Association Between Dehydration and Falls in Older Adults (Irene Hamrick, MD, Derek Norton, MSc, Jen Birstler, MSc, Laura Cruz, Lawrence Hanrahan, PhD, MS)
  1. P299: Development of a Quality Improvement Activity to Augment Implementation of a Safe Opioid Management Policy (Regina Vidaver, PhD, David Hahn, MD, MS, Deanne Boss, Paul Smith, MD, Mary Ales, Kate Nisbet, Wen-Jan Tuan, MPH, MSc, Aleksandra Zgierska, MD, PhD)
  1. P389: Understanding Physician and Advanced Practice Professional Cognitive Requirements for Situation Awareness and EHR Design that Support Interdisciplinary Teamwork (Tosha Wetterneck, MD, MS, Randi Cartmill, Shimeng Du, Laura Farrell, David Hahn, MD, MS, Amanda Hoffmann, MPH, Paul Smith, MD, Linsey Steege, Jessica Tarnowski, John Beasley, MD)
  1. P400: Effectiveness of a Best Practice Advisory at Improving Hypertension Control (Matthew Swedlund, MD, Jen Birstler, MSc, Derek Norton, MSc, Laura Cruz, Lawrence Hanrahan, PhD, MS)
  1. P435: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Wisconsin CMS Medicaid Quitline Incentive Project (Marlon Mundt, PhD, Larissa Zakletskaia, PhD, MA)
  1. SRF145: Using Community Health Workers and a Mobile Health Tool to Improve Diabetes Care in Rural Guatemala (Sean Duffy, MD, James Svenson, MD, Alejandro Chavez, Mark Kelly, Paul Wise, MD, MPH)
  1. SRF059: Demographic and Toxicological Correlates of Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths (Dhruv Sarin, Barry Irmen, Aleksandra Zgierska, MD, PhD)
  1. SRF032: Cough Drops: Cause for Concern? (Danika Johnson, Robert Mead, David Hahn, MD, MS, Korey Kennelty, MSc, PharmD, PhD) (Related article on this project [])

Oral presentations

  1. AR21: Influenza is a Primary Agent of Absenteeism in School-Aged Children: ORCHARDS (Oregon Child Absenteeism and Respiratory Disease Study) (Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD, Shari Barlow, Maureen Landsverk, Emily Temte, Amber Schemmel, Brad Maerz)
  1. AR22: Meditation or Exercise for Preventing Acute Respiratory Infection (MEPARI-2): A Randomized Controlled Trial (Bruce Barrett, MD, PhD, Mary Hayney, Dan Muller, MD, PhD, David Rakel, MD, Roger Brown, PhD, Zhengjun Zhang, PhD, Aleksandra Zgierska, MD, PhD, Mary Checovich, Shari Barlow, Amber Schemmel, Supriya Hayer, MD, Jodi Barnet, Coe Christopher, PhD)
  1. AR23: Saline and Xylitol Nasal Irrigation for Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Fatigue in Patients With Gulf War Illness: Results From A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study (David Rabago, MD, Supriya Hayer, MD, Chidi Obasi, MD, MSPH, Tony Kille, Ina Kansariwala, Iliya Amaza, MD, MPH, Rachel Molander)
  1. VP26: The Survey of the Health of the Wausau Area Hmong Population: SHWAHP (Kevin Thao, MD, MPH, Yang Sao Xiong, PhD, Maichou Lor, RN, MS, PhD, Annie Wetter, PhD)
  1. OT42: Performance of a Rapid Influenza Detection Test in Long-Term Care Facilities: Interim Analysis from RAPID-LTCF (Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD, Mary Checovich, Shari Barlow, Erik Reisdorf, Peter Shult, Thomas Haup)
  1. PO41: The More the Better: Communication Networks and Job Satisfaction in Primary Care Teams (Marlon Mundt, PhD, Larissa Zakletskaia, PhD, MA)
  1. PE44: Barriers to Public Health and Primary Care Integration: Taking Action to Support Collaboration (Rebekah Pratt, Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH, Beth Gyllstrom, MPH, PhD, Kevin Peterson, MD, MPH, Donald Nease J, MD, David Hahn, MD, MS)


F4: A Taxonomy of Patient and Community Engagement II: Bringing it All Together (Jon Salsberg, PhD, Michele Allen, MD, MS, David Hahn, MD, MS, Joseph LeMaster, MD, MPH, Anne MacFarlane, PhD, MA, Donald Nease Jr, MD, Vivian Ramsden, RN, PhD, Jessica Sand, MPH, John Westfall, MD, MPH, Tom Vansaghi, PhD, Linda Zittleman, MSPH)


WS38: Writing for Publication (Louise Acheson, MD, MS, Bijal Balasubramanian, MBBS, PhD, Elizabeth Bayliss, MD, MSPH, Deborah Cohen,PhD, Timothy Daaleman, DO, MPH, Robert Ferrer, MD, MPH, John Frey III, MD, James Gill, MD, MPH, Robin Gotler, MA, Michael Johansen, MD, Miguel Marino, PhD, Laura McLellan, MLS, Lars Peterson, MD, PhD, William Phillips, MD, MPH, Ahmed Rashid, Kurt Stange, MD, PhD, Robert Williams, MD, MPH)

Published: December 2017