The University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH) welcomes 69 learners (58 residents and 11 fellows) entering our statewide sponsored and academic partner programs this academic year.  We also welcome the residency class from the Monroe Residency Program, a DFMCH-sponsored program as of July 2023 at SSM Health Monroe Hospital.

Baraboo Rural Training Track


The Baraboo residents from left: Emily Horn, DO, and Sadie Jackson, MD.

  • Both were drawn to family medicine for the multitude of experiences and strong doctor-patient relationships.
  • Horn is interested in obstetrics, women’s health, LGBTQ+ health, diabetes management, pediatrics, and osteopathic manipulative treatment.
  • Jackson values her volunteer experiences including work at a homeless shelter and is committed to providing continuity care and carefully listening to her patients.

Madison Residency


The Madison and Baraboo residents from left: (front row) Spencer Marting, MD; Julia Beccue, MD; David Miller, MD; Emily Horn, DO; Sadie Jackson, MD; Rita Henien Bybee, DO; Briana Krewson, DO; (back row) Sheza Dalloul, MD; Zoe Roth, DO; Michelle Breuer, DO; Justine Resnik, MD; Mario Giacobassi, MD; Julie Vaughn, MD; Samantha Prince, MD; Sophie Chatas, MD; Samantha Lease, DO; Kelly Kramer, MD; Noah Maerz, MD.

  • Many of the new Madison residents were advocates for underserved communities.
    • Two worked with organizations to combat food insecurity in their communities.
    • Three volunteered at free clinics to provide medical care for low income and uninsured individuals.
    • Four have special interests in mental health and mental wellness.
    • Others were involved in programs like Training in Urban Medicine and Public Health, American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry, and the American Medical Women’s Association.
    • Several had leadership roles designing and implementing health education events, acting as service project coordinators, and mentoring students and community members.
  • The new Madison residents share a strong passion for advocacy and equity and are supporters of LGBTQIA+ health, addiction, and rural medicine.
  • Attending medical school during the COVID-19 pandemic was a unique experience that helped shape the class of 2026 and guided their decisions to serve their communities as family medicine physicians.

Monroe Residency*

Monroe 2023

The Monroe residents from left: Richard Nye, DO; Sara Kaczmarek, DO; and John Manuel, DO.

  • All three were attracted to family medicine to provide full scope medical care to patients throughout their lives.
  • Kaczmarek and Nye grew up in Wisconsin and appreciate the need for rural medicine doctors.
  • Manuel is from the Philippines where he saw friends and many families forgo needed medical care due to affordability. This experience inspired him to become a physician.

* The Monroe Residency Program became a DFMCH-sponsored program on July 1, 2023.  We’re excited to welcome this new class of residents to the DFMCH family.


Fellows 2023

The new fellows, top row from left: Estefan Beltran, MD; Adam Cordum, MD; Miena Meek Hall, MD; Kane Laks, MD; Stephanie Liu, MD; Laurence Moore, MD; (bottom row from left) Ana Pearson, MD; Laura Prieto, PhD; Justin Temple, MD; Karina Viloria-Rodríguez, MD; Erica Yamamoto, DO.

  • The two new LGBTQ+ health fellows look forward to developing skills to advocate for and serve people in the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The two new primary care research fellows will pursue different areas of interest in their research including adapted physical activity and dance for people with disabilities in the Latinx community, and breastfeeding, lactation medicine and women’s health.
  • The incoming academic health fellows share an interest in medical education.
  • The integrative health fellows hope to broaden skills in preventive medicine and osteopathic manipulation therapy.
  • The new sports medicine fellow hopes to continue academic writing and resident education while working closely with UW Badger athletes.
  • The addiction medicine fellow believes additional training will help her better address the overall health of patients who also have substance use disorders.

Academic Partners

Prevea Health Family Medicine Residency-Eau Claire

Eau Claire Residents 2023

Eau Claire residents from left: Shane Nebeck, DO; Morgan Kresl, MD; Thulasi Jayaprakash, MD; Srikrishna Karnatapu, MD; and Michael Kholoov, MD.

Gundersen Health System Family Medicine Residency-La Crosse

La Crosse Residents 2023

La Crosse residents from left: Sadie Miller, MD; Katie Van Es Komp, MD; Jonathan Voss, MD; Kathryn Repp, MD; Jesslyn Hendrickson, MD; and Emily Ortiz, MD.

Aurora Family Medicine Residency-Milwaukee and Aurora Lakeland Rural Training Track-Elkhorn

Milwaukee Residents 2023

The Milwaukee residents from left: Lindsay Sawyer, DO; Anthony Zotto, DO; Kayla Yates, DO; Christina Dukehart, DO; Megan Matre, MD; Robin Buttar, DO; Ghazan Mian, MD; Clayton Bowes, MD; Robert Hackney, MD; Meg Duffield, DO; Erin Burdt, DO; Binyamin Kanter, DO; Lakeland RTT residents not pictured: Phillip Avila, MD; Sabrina Azavedo, MD; Christopher Bragagnolo, MD; and Brian Rieb, MD.

Waukesha Family Medicine Residency

Waukesha Residents

Waukesha residents from left: Norah Brostowitz, MD; Jared Dobbs, MD; Emily Harwood, DO; Laura Horowitz, DO; Anthony Marchlewski, MD; Matthew Sullivan-Green, DO.

Aspirus Wausau Family Medicine Residents

Wausau Residents 2023

The Wausau residents from left: Riley Scanlan, MD; Lindsay Stevenson, MD; Samuel Staehling, MD; and Eric Weaver, MD.

Published: November 2023