Grob, Rachel NellScientist III
(608) 265-6267
610 N Whitney Way (Madison)

Dr. Rachel Grob directs the Qualitative and Health Experiences Research (Q-HER) Lab at the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and Center for Patient Partnerships. Her work focuses on improving health by listening to people’s experiences with health and health care, synthesizing their narratives, and then using this powerful learning as a source for making concrete changes that benefit consumers, families, clinicians and communities. Topic areas the Q-HER lab has been funded to explore include experiences with: long COVID; various cancers, precision medicine, cystic fibrosis, participation in research, participation in clinical trials, opioid use disorder, smoking, depression, multiple sclerosis. Dr. Grob also serves as a public spokesperson for the value of qualitative methods, and has growing portfolios of work focused on trust in healthcare and on the overlap between health experiences and stakeholder engagement. She is chair for the global health experiences organization DIPEx International; chair emeritus and steering committee member for the US-based Health Experiences Research Network; and author of over 50 peer reviewed articles, numerous book chapters, and a book.

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