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Dr. Marlon Mundt, Ph.D., is a health economist and an Associate Professor (tenured) at the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW), with a secondary appointment at the UW Department of Population Health Sciences (PHS) and an affiliation with the UW Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (CTRI).

Research Interests and Experience
As a researcher, Dr. Mundt has been a productive principal investigator, collaborator and co-investigator on ten National Institutes of Health (NIH) R01 grants and scores of other research projects totaling more than $29 million in overall combined NIH funding. His research interests and experience include efficacy analyses and benefit-cost estimates for six NIH randomized clinical trials of brief alcohol interventions and smoking cessation interventions, research on social networks in primary care teams and quality of care, opioid use, as well as a wide range of health economics and epidemiological research at the individual and population levels. Dr. Mundt has published over 101 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in a variety of multidisciplinary professional journals including American Journal of Managed Care, Value in Health, Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Annals of Family Medicine, Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Health Affairs, Alcoholism-Clinical & Experimental Research, International Journal of Nursing Studies and Injury Prevention, among others.

Dr. Mundt’s work has impacted real-life discussion in the national news media about prevention efforts and the enormous medical costs inflicted by binge alcohol drinking as reported by National Public Radio, US News and World Report and NBC News, among others. Dr. Mundt’s health economic analysis was instrumental in the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) “B” grade recommendation that all adult primary care patients receive screening for problem alcohol use and that at-risk drinkers receive brief alcohol intervention counseling. Grade “B” indicates that USPSTF views the benefit from universal alcohol screening as moderate to substantial.

Dr. Mundt’s recent studies evaluate team-based primary care, the foundation of relationship-centered care delivery for primary care patients with chronic illness. His studies determine how communication networks in primary care teams are related to electronic health records (EHR)-documented biometric outcomes for patients with chronic illness (e.g. cardiovascular (CVD), diabetes). Notably, more interconnected primary care teams with more members who engage with others in frequent daily communication about patient care, deliver higher-value, cost-effective quality of care to their patients. As an example, having an additional care team member with frequent daily communication ties across the whole team was associated with medical cost reduction of $1220 per patient with diabetes and of $556 per patient with CVD in lower patient health care costs in the past 12-month period. To put these results in perspective, $52 million and $39 million in ambulatory care sensitive emergency department visits and hospital stays could be saved for patients with diabetes and CVD, respectively, at UW Health, an integrated health care system of UW, if primary care practitioners communicated frequently daily with all team members about patient care.

Dr. Mundt’s UW-Madison research presentations are available at:

Educational Activities
As an educator, Dr. Mundt teaches a Population Health Sciences graduate course, PHS-819, “Social Networks and Health” and mentors clinical faculty, fellows, residents, medical students, UW graduate and undergraduate students.

Dr. Mundt’s lecture series “Social Network Analysis in Health” is available at:

In The News
Study: Offering Incentives to Pregnant Medicaid Members Works
UW study: Incentives help pregnant women stop smoking, save Medicaid money

Select Publications (2012-present)

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Select Funded Research (2012-present)
“Community-Based, Client-Centered Prevention Homes to Address the Rural Opioid Epidemic” (National Institute on Drug Abuse, Grant No. UG3 DA044826, $3,730,353 from 9/17 to 8/22, Co-Investigator).

“A Comparative Effectiveness Randomized Controlled Trial of Mindfulness Meditation versus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Opioid-Treated Chronic Low Back Pain” (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, Grant No. OPD-1601-33860, $8,412,113 from 1/17 to 12/21, Co-Investigator).

“Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative (MARI)” (US Department of Justice, $700,000 from 1/17 to 12/19, Co-Investigator).

“Rapid Assessment of and Prophylaxis for Influenza in Dwellers of Long-Term Care Facilities (RAPID-LTCF)” (UW School of Medicine and Public Health Wisconsin Partnership Program, $500,000 from 11/16 to 10/19, Co-Investigator).

“Instrument Development for a Social Network Analysis (SNA) of Antibiotic Prescribing in Skilled Nursing Facilities” (UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, $75,000 from 7/17 to 6/18, Co-Investigator).

“Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Wisconsin CMS Medicaid Quitline Incentive Project” (University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, $150,000 from 4/17 to 3/19, Principal Investigator).

“Maximizing Outcomes and Safety of Long-Term Opioid Therapy in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: Clinician Adherence to Evidence-Based Treatment Guidelines” (Pfizer, Grant No. WI194536, $83,347 from 10/16 to 9/18, Co-Investigator).

“Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment-Training” (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Grant No. TI025933, $314,953 from 9/15 to 8/17, Co-Investigator).

“Meditation and Exercise for the Prevention of Acute Respiratory Infection 2” (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Grant No. R01 AT006970, $726,902 from 7/12 to 6/17, Co-Investigator).

“Economic Evaluation of Adolescent Alcohol Use and the Impact of Social Networks” (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Grant No. K01 AA018410, $804,738 from 8/09 to 7/14, Principal Investigator).

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