Geoffrey Swain, MD, MPH, and Marah Curtis, MSW, PhD, are academic partners with Milwaukee’s Community Advocates Public Policy Institute on a new Wisconsin Partnership Program grant to improve health through access to safe, stable housing.

Many factors influence health and well-being, including access to safe and stable housing. The Community Advocates Public Policy Institute in Milwaukee, Wis., and its academic partners, Geoffrey Swain, MD, MPH, a professor in the UW Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, along with Marah Curtis, MSW, PhD, an associate professor in the UW School of Social Work, recognize this direct link.

Their project, Creating Conditions to Improve Housing for Wisconsin Families, will inform housing policies related to health, quality, stability or affordability to alleviate Wisconsin’s housing crisis and its effects on public health.

It’s one of four new $1 million, five-year Community Impact Grants recently funded by the Wisconsin Partnership Program.

Project activities will include building a community-driven advisory council, conducting a health impact assessment and recruiting and training tenant leadership teams.

Its overall goal is to create conditions for local, state and/or federal policymakers to improve current housing policies to help increase affordability, quality and stability—ultimately improving health and well-being for low-income Wisconsinites and their families.

Published: December 2017