An oral presentation by the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine and Community Health’s (DFMCH) Paul Smith, MD, and the project’s principal investigator, Ken Schellhase, MD, MPH, “United States Pharmacopeia Patient-Centered Prescription Medication Label Standards and Medication Adherence,” was selected as one of three distinguished presentation from over 1000 submitted abstracts at the 2018 North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) annual meeting, held November 9-13, 2018, in Chicago.

The abstract describes how a team from Wisconsin Health Literacy, in which Dr. Smith serves on as medical advisor, piloted revised prescription medication labels at 65 sites in five pharmacy organizations, and found an association between the more patient-centered prescription medication labels and increased medication adherence. (View original version of abstract here; the project later expanded to include a larger number of sites and organizations).

DFMCH research presented at NAPCRG also focused on addiction treatment, immunization and infectious disease surveillance, team communication and human factors engineering, refugee health, the role of prolotherapy in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis and other diverse aspects of primary care.

2018 NAPCRG Slideshow

Paul Smith, MD (right), with colleagues Tosha Wetterneck, MD (left), and Randi Cartmill (center).
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In total, the DFMCH had nine oral presentations, 21 posters and one workshop at the meeting, all of which are listed below. To everyone who participated, thanks for your great work!

Oral Presentations

AI12 Factors Associated with Sensitivity of Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests in Primary Care (Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD; Shari Barlow; Emily Temte; Cristalyne Bell; Peter Shult; Erik Reisdorf; Thomas Haupt; Jen Birstler, MSc; Guanhua Chen; Ashley Fowlkes; Andrea Steffens)

BP25 Predictors of Mindfulness Meditation and Exercise Practice (Bruce Barrett, MD, PhD; Elisa Torres, PhD; Jacob Meyer; Jodi Barnet; Roger Brown, PhD)

DB38 Team EHR Communication and Healthcare Utilization for Patients With Diabetes in Primary Care (Marlon Mundt, PhD; Larissa Zakletskaia)

DI44 Implementing a Mobile Health System to Integrate the Treatment of Addiction into Primary Care (Andrew Quanbeck, PhD; Randall Brown, MD, PhD)

DP21 United States Pharmacopeia Patient-Centered Prescription Bottle Label Standards and Medication Adherence* (Paul Smith, MD; Kenneth Schellhase, MD, MPH; Henry Young; David Mott; Farah Pathan; Steve Sparks, MS) **Distinguished presentation**

*Original version of abstract; project later expanded to include a larger number of sites and organizations)

ET41 Delivering Quality Care to Refugees Within the Clinical Encounter: Primary Care Team Members’ Perceptions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Gabrielle Waclawik, BSC; Nancy Pandhi, MD, PhD; Fabiana Kotovicz, MD)

MU41 Intra-Articular Hypertonic Dextrose Prolotherapy Reduces Knee Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis: A One Year Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial (David Rabago, MD; Ricky Wu; Kenneth Reeves, MD; Dicken Chan; Benjamin HK Yip; Vincent Chung; Samuel, Yeungshan Wong; Regina Sit)

MU42 Prolotherapy, Physiotherapy and Combination Care for Lateral Epicondylalgia: A 3-Arm Single-Blinded Randomized Clinical Trial (Michael Yelland; David Rabago, MD; Michael Ryan; Shu-Kay Ng; Dinusha Vithanachchi; Nagarajan Manickaraj; Leanne Bisset)

HC32 Hotspotting Medically Complex At-Risk Patients in an Urban Primary Care Residency Clinic (Glenda Sundberg, NP; Natalie Sorenson, MSW; Rinal Patel, MD; Melissa Grube, MD; Mary St. Clair, DO)

Poster Sessions

P154 Characteristics of Patients in the Specialty Access for Uninsured Program (SAUP) (Dennis Baumgardner, MD; Jessica Kram, MPH; Sally Smaida, MPD; Widalys Calderon Torres; Michelle Tong; Steve Ohly, NP)

P157 Impact of Physician Compensation Change on Patient Care Delivery (Jennifer Lochner, MD; Brian Arndt, MD; Mark Micek; Jen Birstler, MSc; Sandra Kamnetz, MD; Elizabeth Trowbridge, MD; Nancy Pandhi, MD, PhD)

P169 Demographic and Health Related Characteristics of Refugees Patients in Milwaukee, WI (Fabiana Kotovicz, MD; Vy Dinh; Natalie Sorenson, MSW)

P190 Enhancing Immunization Rates at Family Medicine Clinics in Milwaukee, WI (Zeeshan Yacoob; Christopher Cook, DO; Jessica Kram, MPH; Marianne Klumph, MA; Marisa Stanley; Dennis Baumgardner, MD; Fabiana Kotovicz, MD; Paul Hunter, MD)

P192 Addressing Pain, Reducing Opioid Therapy Risk (David Hahn, MD, MS; Aleksandra Zgierska, MD, PhD; Paul Smith, MD; Kate Nisbet)

P199 Dextrose Prolotherapy for Knee OA in Routine Clinical Practice: Self-Reported and Objectively-Assessed Outcomes in a Feasibility Study (David Rabago, MD; David Marshall; Ina Kansariwala; Bobby Nourani, DO; Bryan Heiderscheit; Mikel Stiffler-Joachim, MS)

P204 Utilization of Acupuncture Services in the Emergency Department Setting: A Quality Improvement Study (Jessica Kram, MPH; Dennis Baumgardner, MD; John Burns, DPT; Vashir Xiong, MSOM; Jeanne Stark Casadont, RN, BSN; Tiffany Mullen, DO; Nancy Conway, MS)

P207 Cryptococcal Antigen Testing in an Integrated Medical System: Eastern Wisconsin (Marianne Klumph, MA; Brian Hoeynck; Dennis Baumgardner, MD)

P222 Optimizing Financial Incentive Strategies to Engage Medicaid Smokers in Treatment With a Tobacco Quit Line (Marlon Mundt, PhD; Larissa Zakletskaia)

P284 Who Is My Team: An Insiders’ Perspective (Shimeng Du; Douglas Wiegmann; John Beasley, MD; Randi Cartmill; Laura Farrell; David Hahn, MD, MS; Amanda Hoffmann, MPH; Paul Smith, MD; Linsey Steege; Jessica Tarnowski; Tosha Wetterneck, MD, MS)

P368 Challenges and Opportunities of Refugee Healthcare in Milwaukee (Corina Rusu, MD; Natalie Sorenson,MSW; Kyna Shnayderman, MD; Fabiana Kotovicz, MD)

P376 Measuring the Outcomes of Patient Engagement in Primary Care Quality Improvement: A Modified Delphi Study (Nancy Pandhi, MD, PhD; Nora Jacobson; Andrew Quanbeck; Sarah Davis)

P480 Designing for Team Situational Awareness in Primary Care (Laura Farrell; Douglas Wiegmann; Linsey Steege; Shimeng Du; Randi Cartmill; Amanda Hoffmann, MPH; Jessica Tarnowski; John Beasley, MD; David Hahn, MD, MS; Paul Smith, MD; Tosha Wetterneck, MD, MS)

PR6 Building and Using an EHR to Facilite Patient-Physician Relationships (Cynthia Sieck, MPH, PhD; John Beasley, MD; Brian Henriksen, PhD; David Mehr, MD, MS; Gerald Pulver, PhD, MPH; Amanda Terry, PhD)

SRF010 Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences and Health Risk Behaviors Among Low-Income Primary Care Patients: Testing Feasibility of a Motivation-Based Intervention (Ellen Goldstein, PhD)

SRF029 Role of Exposure to Nature in Mitigating Dysphoria Related to Global Climate Change (Ninah Divine; Jonathan L. Temte, MD, PhD)

SRF110 Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative (MARI) (Thao Nguyen; Joseph Balles; Kim Hurd; Aleksandra E Zgierska, MD, PhD)

SRF131 Improving Diabetes Care in Rural Guatemala With Community Health Workers and Smartphone Technology (Sean Duffy, MD; Alejandro Chavez; Mark Kelly; James Svenson, MD; Rafael Tun; Mariana Niño de Guzmán Ramírez; Paul Wise, MD, MPH)

SRF135 Characteristics of IGRA Testing to Screen Refugee & Immigrant Children Ages 2-4 for TB (Alice Wei; Paul H. Hunter, MD)

SRF172 Evaluating the Perceptions, Barriers and Facilitators of Diabetes Control, Disease-Related Knowledge, and Self-Care Activities of Patients Participating in Community Health Worker-Led Diabetes Program in Rural Guatemala (Mariana Niño de Guzmán Ramírez; Sean Duffy, MD)

SRF176 Building Interdisciplinary Community Health Programming: Novel Pathways to Mitigate Health Disparities in the WisCARES Client Population (Nivedita Nair; Bethany Morehouse Howlett, MD, MHS; William Gilles)


W18 Reclaiming Our Profession: Getting the Human Back in Primary Care With Human Factors Engineering (Edmond Ramly; John Beasley, MD; Tosha Wetterneck, MD, MS)

NAPCRG is a multidisciplinary organization for researchers from all primary care generalist disciplines and related fields, including epidemiology, behavioral sciences and health services research. Its annual meeting is a forum for primary care researchers from across the globe to gather and present their research, collaborate for new research, and foster growth for up-and-coming researchers. 

The Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin endowment of the Medical College of Wisconsin provides funding for the prescription medication labeling project led by Drs. Smith and Schellhase.

Published: December 2018