The UW Department of Family Medicine and Community Health’s (DFMCH) new Visionaries Fund is off to a great start, now with 21 donations in the first four months.

The new fund was created to commemorate the physicians, teachers, researchers and leaders who built the DFMCH into the outstanding department it is today.


Here are the visionaries honored, and the donors who supported them:

Visionary Honored by
Linda and Gene Farley (“for living an honorable life and ‘walking the walk’”) Valerie Gilchrist, MD
Marc Hansen, founder John Beasley, MD
John and Cathy Frey Cindy Haq, MD
Marc Hansen (“never ceases to be amazing”) Valerie Gilchrist, MD
Jeff Patterson (“for his shining example” Tom Hecht
John Frey (“whose opinions I always seek”) Valerie Gilchrist, MD
Gene and Linda Farley (“for their friendship and their bold leadership”) Tom Hecht
William Scheckler, second chair John Beasley, MD
Rich Roberts (“for his dedication to the patients”) Valerie Gilchrist, MD
Ilse and Rudy Hecht (“for their inspiration”) Tom Hecht
John Renner, founding chair John Beasley, MD
Gene and Linda Farley Cindy Haq, MD
Marc and Alice Hansen (“for their leadership”) Tom Hecht
Eugene Farley, chair John Beasley, MD
Ilse and Rudy Hecht Cindy Haq, MD
Marc and Alice Hansen Cindy Haq, MD
Eugene and Linda Farley David Deci, MD, and Diane Deci*
Marc Hansen, MD John Frey, MD*
Gene and Linda Farley John Frey, MD*
John Beasley (“for mentorship over 35+ years”) Sandra Kamnetz, MD*
Jeff Patterson, DO (“friend, mentor, colleague, and personal physician – greatly missed”) Brian and Susan Lochen*

*New donations in December 2016/January 2017

These donations go to a special fund designed to support the DFMCH’s statewide missions of education, research, patient care and community service.

To learn more about you can honor DFMCH founders, innovators and mentors—past or present— visit our Visionaries Fund page or contact Linda Haskins, MBA (phone: 608-263-3402; email:

Thank you for your support!

Originally published: November 2016
Updated: January 2017