The University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH) welcomes the 61 learners (55 residents and six fellows) entering our statewide sponsored and academic partner programs this academic year. Get to know them below!

DFMCH-Sponsored Residency Programs

Baraboo Rural Training Track

Baraboo Residents 2019

The new Baraboo residents, from left: Jamie Petzke, MD; Jack Massee, DO.

  • The new Baraboo residents are committed to providing primary care in rural, underserved areas—across the entire lifespan.
  • One of the new residents worked as an EMT and saw firsthand that many medical situations could be prevented with comprehensive primary care. He is committed to maternity care, addiction medicine and osteopathic manipulative treatment.
  • The other new resident was deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and values honesty, integrity, and hard work as she builds honest, trusting relationships with her patients.

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Eau Claire Residency

Eau Claire Residents 2019

The new Eau Claire residents, from left: Pamela Falcon, MD; Joseph Zbaracki, DO; Markus Eckstein, MD; Jordan Fraser, DO; Jonathan Rief, MD.

  • Two of the incoming Eau Claire residents hail from Minnesota. The program’s other three residents are relocating from farther afield: two are from Canada and one from New Mexico.
  • Two of the incoming residents are doctors of osteopathic medicine.
  • The new residents have had diverse experiences: biomedical engineering team member, visiting scientist to University College London, chemist, Eagle Scout, ski patrol and Reach Out and Read organizer.
  • Three have produced peer-reviewed scholarly works.

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Madison Residency

Madison Residents 2019

The new Madison residents. Front row, from left: Elise Malzer, MD; Melanie Hellrood, MD; Nicole Altman, MD. Middle row, from left: Andrew Sheehan, DO; Laura Shingleton, DO; Megan Dudek, DO; Brenna Gibbons, MD; Morgan White, MD; Jack Massee, DO (Baraboo); Danielle Hartwig, MD. Back row, from left: Jeremiah Shaw, MD; Jamie Petzke, MD (Baraboo); Thomas Ridella, MD; Tyler Grunow, MD; Nicholas Sullivan, DO; Jake Starsiak, DO; Neal Smith, MD; Anne Drolet, MD.

  • Many of the new Madison residents were leaders in their medical schools and professional communities.
    • Two are members of the inaugural graduating class from the new Medical College of Wisconsin campus in Wausau and helped develop the curriculum for their peers.
    • One contributed to a task force with the Iowa Medical Society on combating physician burnout.
    • Another served as the president and treasurer of the Yale Black Medical Association and worked to address issues affecting the healthcare needs of the black community and supporting the educational pipeline to train more black doctors.
    • One submitted testimony to the Wisconsin legislature to advocate for improved graduate medical education.
  • The new Madison residents are committed to global and community health. Their activities have included volunteering with the Peace Corps in Cambodia, studying HIV in Bolivia, learning medical Spanish in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, organizing a free dental and health screening fair in Flint, Michigan, and coaching the Allied Running Club in underserved Madison.
  • The new Madison residents have a strong passion for advocacy and equity, and are strong advocates for mental health. One served on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians, which taught her how to advocate for change to better care for her patients. Another intern has been an on-call sexual assault response advocate.

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Wausau Residency

Wausau Residents 2019

The new Wausau residents. From left: Samantha Rivera, MD; Brandon Moul, MD; Ross Trecartin, MD; Jason Servi, DO; and Brittany Myszka, MD.

  • Of the incoming Wausau residents, one is originally from the Wausau area and one from the Midwest. The others are from Tennessee, Colorado, and California.
  • They have had various experiences before entering medical school including the US Navy, a master’s degree in biomedical science, and volunteering in Chad and Guatemala.
  • One resident is a DO and four are MDs.

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Academic Partner Residency Programs

La Crosse Family Medicine Residency Program at Gundersen Health System

La Crosse Residents 2019

The new La Crosse residents. Front row: Laura Krueger, MD; McKenzie Bruce, MD; Mary George, MD. Back row: Garrett Donaldson, MD; Marty Erlandson, DO; Zach Razavi, MD.

  • The program’s six residents come from Wisconsin, Illinois and Kansas.
  • The new residents’ clinical interests include full-spectrum family medicine, rural medicine, public health policy, osteopathic manipulation, and medical ethics.
  • Three incoming residents plan to work in a rural setting.

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Aurora Lakeland Rural Training Track

Lakeland Residents 2019

The new Lakeland RTT residents, from left: Phil Zuska, MD; Cherline Lee Rausch, MD; Jazmine Smith, MD; and Jeff Farvour, MD.

  • All of new Lakeland residents are Midwest natives: two are from Wisconsin, one is from Illinois and one is from Missouri.
  • The new residents have a wide variety of interests, including, but not limited to, public health, geriatrics, sports medicine, obstetrics, substance abuse and full-spectrum family medicine.
  • The new residents’ interests including, hunting, fishing, being active with yoga, swimming and running, as well as dogs, gardening and enjoying new foods.
  • The group is a perfect fit in filling up our program to a full roster!

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Aurora Family Medicine Residency–Milwaukee

Milwaukee Residents 2019

The new Milwaukee residents. Front row, from left: Erin Harvey, MD; Alexandrea Spindler, DO; Melissa Baughman, DO; Mai Ly Thor, MD; Katerina Christopherson, MD; Madelyn Pickle, DO. Back row, from left: Zeeshan Yacoob, MD; Brianna Berti, DO; A. Gracie Sessions, DO; and Lawrence Moore, MD.

  • Of the program’s 10 incoming residents, three are natives of Wisconsin, two are from Colorado, and one each are from Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, Ohio. One is from the Czech Republic
  • Five incoming residents are doctors of osteopathic medicine.
  • Incoming residents’ clinical interests include women’s health and obstetrics, global health, osteopathic manipulative treatment, integrative and functional medicine, and community health.

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Waukesha Family Medicine Residency

The new Waukesha residents, from left: Matt Andreoli, MD; Brian Kroll, MD; Lauren Thomas, MD; Trevor Argall, MD; Colin Millar, MD; Sanam Salimi, MD; Chris Kordick, DO.

  • The new residents have a wide variety of interests, including sports medicine, obstetrics, and full-spectrum family medicine.
  • The program’s seven residents are from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.
  • Incoming residents’ personal interests include travel, hiking, golfing, gardening and skiing.
  • All of the new residents plan on practicing in Wisconsin after graduation from residency.

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Fellows 2019

The new fellows, from left: primary care research fellows Maria Mora Pinzon, MD, MS. KJ Hansmann, MD, MPH, Eric Rubenstein, PhD, ScM, and Kathryn Schmit, MD; primary care sports medicine fellow Adam Norton, MD; addiction medicine fellow Tim Hoffmann, MD.

  • The four new primary care research fellows will study a range of topics, including barriers to geriatric care for Hispanic/Latino communities, implementation and dissemination strategies targeting social determinants of health, pregnancy risk factors and outcomes for women with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and viral upper respiratory infections in pediatric patients.
  • The incoming primary care sports medicine fellow joins us from his residency at University of Nebraska, and plans to focus on sports nutrition and the impacts of early sport specialization and sleep on sports injuries during his fellowship.
  • The new addiction medicine fellow has practiced family medicine in several clinical settings in Michigan, most recently the Sault Tribe Health Clinic in St. Ignace.  The shortage of addiction medicine providers in this region motivated him to seek fellowship training to better address the opioid crisis.

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Published: July 2019