From October 2014 through March 2015, the DFMCH sponsored the 2020 Initiative, an effort to engage our statewide department on issues of diversity equity and inclusion.


  • To increase awareness of diversity issues in our geographical community, patient populations, and Department
  • To identify and prioritize potential interventions that can increase Department responsiveness to diversity issues
  • To develop a strategy that assures a Departmental commitment to health equity, diversity and inclusion

Leadership Support

  • As a grassroots initiative it was critical to garner support, including financial, from departmental leadership.

Identifying the Gaps and Making a Compelling Case

Considering Best Practices

Brainstorming Strategic Intention

  • On December 11, 2014 we brought in professional facilitators to assist members from across the statewide department to brainstorm a strategy to address issues of diversity, inclusion and health equity across the educational, research and clnical arms of our department.
  • Individual Brainstorm
  • Group Priorities

Developing Institutional Structure

Facilitation Materials


The 2020 Initiative: State of the Dept

The 2020 Initiative Roadmap: Summary of Best Practice