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Principal Investigator: Sandy Kamnetz, MD

PI Department: DFM

Summary of Study:  In this qualitative trainee (MPH student) project, patients and staff will be observed by a student in three differently designed family medicine clinics in areas outside the exam room, such as waiting room or administrative areas. At each clinic, the student will use these observations (drawn on maps of clinic areas), written descriptions of the clinic environment and culture, and discussions with clinic leadership and patients, to develop focus group questions that can help identify helpful or problematic indoor design features. All information will then be organized by the student and presented to expert groups from different departments for feedback in order to compare the information from each clinic.

Study Design: Clinic providers and staff will be asked to (1) participate in a one-time focus group and (2) recommend focus group participation to patients they believe to be interested.

DFM Clinic(s): Clinics choosing to participate

DFM Contact: Sandy Kamnetz, MD

Study Contact Person:
Zaher Karp, MPH

Date of Approval: 7/2014