DFMCH Medical Education Program Coordinator Joyce Jeardeau was posthumously honored at the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) National Conference of Residents and Students with the inaugural AAFP award for Special Recognition for Contributions of Faculty or Staff to an FMIG.  Joyce died after a brief battle with cancer on July 4.  The virtual conference gathered medical students and faculty from across the country to network with each other, hear addresses by family medicine leaders and celebrate program and individual excellence.

Joyce Jeardeau

Joyce Jeardeau

Throughout her many years of service, Joyce was a champion for medical students’ education and personal well-being.  “Much of the success of our FMIG can be attributed to Joyce who was responsible for all the heavy lifting behind the scenes,” said FMIG Faculty Advisor Jacob Bryan, MD.   “More than that, she embodied everything you would want in a colleague, mentor and friend.  She brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm to our meetings.  Her creativity helped inspire our FMIG student leaders to develop their own unique ideas for showcasing family medicine to their classmates.”

In a final nod to Joyce’s commitment and spirit, the DFMCH FMIG won its 7th Program of Excellence Award. FMIGs are medical school sponsored, student- and faculty-run organizations that give medical students a chance to learn more about family medicine through regular meetings, workshops, leadership development opportunities, and community service and clinical experiences. The Program of Excellence Awards recognize FMIGs for their efforts to promote interest in family medicine careers at a time when family physicians are in especially high demand for their comprehensive primary care expertise.

“This award is a testament to Joyce’s work and dedication,” said Bryan.  “She embodied those values of compassion and integrity that are at the core of what it means to be a family doctor.  She helped keep us grounded, reminding us always that what is important is caring for our patients and each other.”

Published: September 2020