On October 23, 2015, the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (UW DFMCH) celebrated its 45th anniversary at the Pyle Center with a special continuing medical education event—“Whole ME, Whole WE”—followed by an evening reception for faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

Inspiration and Reflection

“Whole ME, Whole WE” was an inspiring day of presentations, interactive discussions, movement exercises and self-reflection.

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Participants examined the importance of self-care in supporting not just their own health, but the health of their patients and communities.

“If we’re not healthy, our communities can’t be healthy,” explained David Rakel, MD, who oversaw the event. “The one person we have control over is ourselves.”

DFMCH faculty and staff presenters were joined by several special guests:

  • John Denu, PhD, a professor of biomolecular chemistry and director of the epigenetics theme at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, who spoke about how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle behaviors can influence our genetic code and in turn, our cell expression;
  • Nansi Jo Colley, PhD, a professor in the UW Department of Ophthalmology and yoga teacher at the UW Sports Medicine Center, who led the group in yoga and movement exercises; and
  • Donal MacCoon, PhD, a clinical psychologist and fellow at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, who combined science, humor and music in a presentation on sustainable, resilient living.

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Many participants made plans for self-change as a result of the event. “Many aspects will be taken back and applied to clinic and home,” said one. “Clinic will focus on culture change. Home will focus on dietary changes. [I] will also focus on personal stress management as this affects both areas.”

“This was by far the best conference/meeting/event that I have attended while at the DFMCH,” said another participant. “I came to this with low expectations and I was beyond surprised. [It was] truly a great day that was absolutely worth my time.”

Anniversary Reception

The day continued with the DFMCH’s 45th anniversary reception, a celebration of our transformation into a department of family medicine and community health.

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Faculty, staff, learners and old and new friends gathered to socialize, share stories and enjoy a photo slideshow of the department’s 45-year history.

Thanks to everyone who attended the events. We’re grateful for your dedication, commitment and service. Here’s to the next 45 years!

Published: January 2016