About the Course – Description of the GWish grant and resident curriculum, with bios of the course directors.

Learning Objectives – Outlines the competencies residents should develop as they follow this curriculum through their three years of training.

Course Syllabus & Requirements – Outlines assignments/expectations for residents during their three years of residency.

Case Log Exercise – Each year, residents are asked to submit one case log. These cases describe encounters with patients and their families where “aware medicine” was an important factor in how things unfolded. These cases are archived in the Care of Others section of this website.

Assessing Your Health – Tools for evaluating your current state of health/wellness.

Writing Your Own Health Plan – Guidelines for writing your own health plan, similar to the way it is done in an Integrative Health consultation.

Mindfulness Requirements – Discusses the minimum requirements in mindfulness training required to complete this course.

Links & Resources – Offers quick links for the different sections of this site: Self Care, Caring for Others, and Mindfulness/Meditation. For Madison residents and other providers, a number of local resources are also included.


“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”


“In minds crammed with thoughts, organs clogged with toxins, and bodies stiffened with neglect, there is just no space for anything else.”

-Alison Rose Levy, “An Ancient Cure for Modern Life,” Yoga Journal, 2002