Madison and Baraboo residents - class of 2025

Madison and Baraboo class of 2025!

  • The Baraboo Rural Training Track will be conducting in-person interviews.
  • The Madison Residency Program will be conducting virtual interviews using WebEx.

During the interview season the Madison program will be hosting optional virtual and in-person events. These events are for applicants to learn more about the program, our people, and Madison.

At the end of the interview season the Madison and Baraboo programs will co-host two Second Look events. One will be virtual and the other will be in-person held in Madison.

Selection Timeline

  • September 28, 2022: The Madison and Baraboo programs will begin downloading applications
  • October 4-6, 2022: the Madison and Baraboo Programs will begin a holistic review of all eligible applications
  • October 7, 2022: the Madison and Baraboo Programs will communicate with all applicants through ERAS the status of their applications

 Optional Virtual and In-Person Events

Please note that all virtual and in-person events are optional. These are an opportunity to learn more about the Madison or Baraboo programs.

Mondays on weeks that the Madison program interviews we will hold a virtual Q&A session. This session will be led by a resident in the evening (6pm-7pm). You and your partner are invited to attend this session.

The Madison program is hosting 4 in-person events throughout the interview season (November-January). These events you will be able to:

  • Meet the Madison Program Director Ildi Martonffy, MD
  • Resident led tour of St. Mary’s Hospital; the community hospital we have the majority of our inpatient rotations
  • Resident led residency clinic tours; we’ll take you to all 4 Madison residency clinics (Belleville, Northport Dr., Verona, and Wingra)
  • Resident led dinner

Each event is optional. You may choose which are most important to you, or choose all of them.

Madison and Baraboo are sister programs with Baraboo being a 1+2 rural training track. First year Baraboo residents will spend the majority of their first year in Madison. So, many of our activities will be collaborative.