The DFM presented at the NAPCRG annual meeting—the world’s premier primary care research forum—in November.

The DFM presented at the NAPCRG annual meeting—the world’s premier primary care research forum—in November.

Eighteen Department of Family Medicine (DFM) faculty, staff, and resident/fellowship graduates presented at the 2014 North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) meeting, held November 21-25 in New York.

The NAPCRG meeting is the premier international forum for presenting new knowledge in primary care and advances in research methodology.

In their posters and papers, DFM researchers addressed such topics as statin prescribing guidelines, obesity interventions, pre-visit planning for elderly patients, and influenza surveillance. The DFM’s John Beasley, MD, and collaborators also gave a workshop on the role of industrial and systems engineering in improving primary care.

Poster Presentations

The DFM presented the following posters at NAPCRG:

  • Assessing Statin Guidelines With Benefits Harm Trade-Off Interviews(Bruce Barrett, MD, PhD;Jason Ricco, MD, MPH*; Margaret Wallace, MSc, PharmD*; David Kiefer*; David Rakel, MD)
  • Obese Patients Compliance and Satisfaction With Educational Intervention: O.N.E. Packet(Risa Siegel, DO*; Kiley Bernhard, MPH; Dennis Baumgardner, MD)
  • Improving Treatment Completion Rates for Latent Tuberculosis Infection: A Review of Two Treatment Regimens at a Community Health Center(Gregory Lines; Sarah Bleything; Paul Hunter, MD)

* DFM resident or fellowship graduate

Paper Presentations

The DFM presented the following papers at NAPCRG:

  • A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Human Factors Designed Elderly Pre-Visit Planning Intervention in Primary Care(Tosha Wetterneck, MD, MS; Brian Arndt, MD; John Beasley, MD; Roger Brown, PhD; Katherine Judge, MSSW; Paul Smith, MD; Jamie Stone, MS; Ben-Tzion Karsh)
  • The Impact of Concordant and Discordant Chronic Conditions on Diabetes Quality Metrics(Elizabeth Magnan, MD*; Mari Palta; Jessica Schumacher; Christie Bartels; Heather Johnson, MD; Rebecca Gittelson; Maureen Smith)
  •  Climate Change and Dysphoria in Primary Care(Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD; John Holzhauer; Kenneth Kushner, PhD)
  • Real-Time Surveillance of Influenza in Primary Care (Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD; Shari Barlow; Amber Schemmel; Maureen Landswerk; Emily Temte; David Hahn, MD, MS; Thomas Haupt; Erik Reisdorf; Peter Shult; John Tamerius; Mary Wedig)


Founded in 1972, NAPCRG is a volunteer, multidisciplinary organization for primary care researchers. Members come from all primary care generalist disciplines and related fields, including epidemiology, behavioral sciences, and health services research.

DFM chair Valerie Gilchrist, MD, serves on NAPCRG’s board of directors as secretary-treasurer, and Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN) director David Hahn, MD, chairs its Community Clinician Advisory Group.

Published: January 2015