Mora Pinzon, Maria Carolina
Postdoctoral Trainee
(608) 890-2524
Alumni Hall

Maria Mora Pinzon is a physician-scientist with a background in health services research, health equity research, and preventive medicine. After earning her medical degree from Universidad Central de Venezuela, Dr. Mora Pinzon gained an MS in Clinical Research from Rush University. Dr. Mora Pinzon joined the Primary Care Research Fellowship following a research position at the Community-Academic Aging Research Network (CAARN) in Madison. Through her work in preventive medicine, Dr. Mora Pinzon seeks to promote voices from underrepresented communities and to encourage organizations to take necessary steps to be inclusive in ways that resonate with cultural values and account for the diversity that exists within communities of color. Dr. Mora Pinzon’s current research aims to increase understanding of barriers that Hispanic/Latino and African American communities experience when seeking care for geriatric conditions. Through understanding these barriers, she hopes to develop research approaches that will improve early diagnosis and build community trust in researchers and their institutions.

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