Students can register directly on OASIS for the following electives only when the course is announced as “opened for registration”.

Healers Art: Course # 370-711 »

(For UW Phase 1 students only)

This course, created by Dr. Rachel Remen, helps you rediscover how personal values, strengths and experiences can become instruments for healing ourselves and others. Learn how loss can lead you to self-care and compassion. Appreciate the uncertainty and mystery of life, and connect to your commitment to service. Tools for self-care will be utilized. Healing ourselves and others will be explored. Large and small group interactive sessions foster a safe, noncompetitive environment for exploring the medical role of care and compassion. Instructors: Vincent Minichiello, MD and others.

Health Care in Diverse Communities: Course # 370-712

(for all UW SMPH medical students and other UW health care professional students)

Introduction to issues that we as health care professionals will face entering practice in increasingly diverse communities. The class brings together students from all of the health science schools, patients, community members, and health care workers to discuss the experiences of people from different backgrounds, especially as these experiences apply to health care interactions. While the class is in no way a complete or thorough look at “cultural competency,” “cultural sensitivity” or “cultural humility,” we hope it will provoke an awareness of the importance of these concepts in clinical practice. Instructor: Jonas Lee, MD.

How to Apply

Contact Nicole Watson to register for the course: