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Principal Investigator:  Rich Brown, MD

PI Department: Family Medicine

Summary of Study:  This is a clinical service delivery and quality improvement project.  Designed to evaluate the extent to which the project elicits favorable changes in disease control outcomes and intermediate behavior changes, and identify over time ways to optimize feasibility and effectiveness.

Objective: The program is intended to help clinical settings maximize control of the three targeted clinical conditions and prevent cardiovascular disease by enhancing the delivery of relevant behavioral screening and intervention (BSI) services.

Study Design:  Participating clinics will hire or appoint a full-time or part-time staff person (nurse, health educator, etc.) to attend training and participate in regular conference calls with trainers and staff at other clinics; to meet systematically with patients who have hypertension, diabetes, and/or lipid disorders; to use a motivational interviewing approach to promoting behaviors that may improve disease control; to track service delivery, behavioral outcomes, and disease outcomes using custom registry software (or provide similar data from HealthLink; and to share de-identified data on service delivery and outcomes with project administration.

DFM Clinic(s):  Applications to participate will be competitive.  Two selection criteria will be numbers of patients who qualify and the amount of time the Prevention Specialist would be allocated to serve those patients.

DFM Contact:  Rich Brown, MD ( )

Study Contact Person:  Rich Brown, MD

Date of Approval:   1/2013