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Principal Investigator: Nancy Pandhi MD MPH PhD

PI Department: Family Medicine

Summary of Study: In collaboration with several health system and community partners, we seek to bring the community voice into the conversation in order to inform care. Our long term goal is to improve health care delivery for individuals with mental illness through understanding the effectiveness of integrated mental health and primary care models on outcomes of interest to patients and other stakeholders.

Study Design: Participants will be recruited in primary care clinic waiting rooms. Recruitment can occur in whatever manner is most convenient to each clinic. At GHC, we have the study team member standing by a portable white board that says “Dane 1 in 4 (our public study name), bringing your voice into the conversation about combining mental health and primary care. Share your opinion and we will buy you a cup of coffee”. Those who indicate interest are asked to watch a 3 minute video on a tablet, using headphones. They then are asked some basic socio-demographic questions, and three open ended questions about what they liked, did not like and would want to happen if they were the patient in question. This response can be typed, hand written, or narrated to the study team member. Participants receive a $5 gift card in response. Those who indicate interest, but not time to take the study in person, would receive a small piece of paper with the link to the online survey at

To minimize impact on clinic flow, we can be situated to catch people after their appointments, or beforehand if there is a wait. If a person is called into an appointment, the video would be stopped, and the participant can complete the study after the appointment.

DFM Clinic(s): DFM clinics choosing to participate

DFM Contact: Nancy Pandhi MD MPH PhD

Study Contact Person:
Nancy Pandhi MD MPH PhD

Date of Approval: October 2014

Dates of Study: Ongoing