I-PrACTISE is an educational and research collaborative between the University of Wisconsin Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and the Departments of Family Medicine and Community Health, Medicine and Pediatrics of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. I-PrACTISE gives a formal structure and home for activities which have been ongoing since 2000.

John W. Beasley, MD

John W. Beasley, MD, Interim Director of I-PrACTISE.

John W. Beasley, MD serves as Interim Director of I-PrACTISE. Short term operational decisions are made by an Operations Working Group. There is a Steering Committee composed primarily of UW Faculty who are responsible for general policy issues and a National Advisory Committee to provide national level advice and direction for our work and to establish linkages to other groups with similar interests.

Vision: The care of patients will be improved and the practice of primary care medicine will become more efficient through new knowledge and techniques created by the collaboration between Industrial Engineering and the primary care specialties.

Mission: Create a home for scholars and clinicians with interest and expertise in industrial engineering and/or primary care to conduct funded projects directed at improving the quality of primary care for patients, clinicians and staff.

Membership: The membership will consist of interested UW Faculty from the School of Medicine and Public Health and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering as well as interested scholars from other professions and institutions.