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Principal Investigator: 
Robert Lemanske, MD
Daniel Jackson, MD – Co-I
Theresa Guilbert, MD – Co-I

PI Department:  Pediatrics

Summary of Study:  The study consists of 2 separate but linked trials to examine treatment therapy for preschool-aged children with persistent asthma.

Objective: The purpose of the studies is to examine the preferred treatment forpreschool-aged children with persistent asthma.

Study Design: The study design is a randomized, double-blind study consisting of 2 separate but linked trials. Potential study participants will be identified through the DFM Clinical Data Warehouse.WREN would extract lists of potentially eligible patient names from the DFM EHR clinical Data Warehouse (CLARITY) for recruitment purposes for the INFANT AVICA study.  Once patients are identified using ICD-9 queries, WREN Research Coordinators would manually review 50 electronic medical records to test the veracity of the data extract.  When data extract is verified, letters signed by Medical Director from the patients’ primary care clinic with opt in/out cards and return envelopes, would be mailed to all potentially eligible patients.  Interested patients may return the opt-in card, call the Research Coordinator or wait to be contacted.

DFM Clinic(s):  clinics identified through the DFM CDW

DFM Contact: David Hahn, MD (WREN)

Study Contact Person:
David Hahn, MD

Coordinators – AsthmaNet/Pediatrics:
Tanya Watson, RN, BSN
Lauren Kaminski, BS

Date of Approval:   June 2013

Dates of Study:  ongoing