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Principal Investigator:  Barry Carter/David Hahn

PI Department: University of Iowa/Department of Family Medicine

Summary of Study:  This is a multi-center, cluster-randomized study utilizing a centralized cardiovascular risk service (CVRS) in medical offices with large geographic, racial and ethnic diversity to determine the extent to which the CVRS model will be implemented. We will randomize 16 primary care offices to the CVRS or usual care and enroll 400 subjects of which 240 subjects will be from racial minorities. Our central hypothesis is that a centralized CVRS managed by clinical pharmacists will be implemented and significantly improve CVD guideline adherence using the Guideline Advantage metrics. The rationale for this proposed study is that implementation of a novel strategy to improve secondary prevention of CVD will lead to innovative strategies for broader adoption by health systems throughout the US.

Objective: The objectives of this study are 1: To determine if a web-based CVRS managed by clinical pharmacists will be implemented within diverse primary care offices; 2: To evaluate barriers and facilitators to implementation and dissemination of the intervention; 3: To demonstrate a favorable cost for the CVRS using a robust cost-effectiveness analysis.

DFM Clinic(s):  DFM clinics choosing to participate

DFM Contact: David Hahn, MD, MS

Study Contact Person:
David Hahn, MD, MS

Date of Approval: September 2014