Monroe Interviews

The Monroe Residency Program is excited for the 2024-2025 residency interview season! The Monroe program will be conducting virtual interviews and will be offering optional in-person events as additional ways for applicants to learn more about our program and Monroe. 

We will be using ThalamusGME to schedule our interviews. All interviews will be conducted via Zoom. 

Program Signaling

Monroe is accepting program signals. We may consider signals when making interview offers, but the presence or absence of signals will not be used when developing our final rank list. We encourage students to signal the programs they are most interested in, regardless of their medical school or experience rotating with a program. 

Optional Events

Attendance at optional events will not impact an applicant’s position on our final rank list. 

In-person visits will be made available to all candidates interviewing with our program. 

The Monroe program will offer a virtual Second Look.