The University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH) is proud to welcome 62 learners (55 residents and seven fellows) who are entering our statewide sponsored and academic partner programs this academic year. Get to know them below!

DFMCH-Sponsored Residency Programs

Baraboo Rural Training Track

Baraboo Residents 2018

The new Baraboo residents, from left: Courtney Reynolds, MD; Sarah Schaff, MD

  • The Baraboo interns have a strong passion for creating and fostering the strong doctor-patient relationship, both in the doctor’s office and in the community. One resident served as a volunteer EMT where, in addition to providing emergency services, she engaged the community in education and awareness events.  She also developed a program to extend Reach Out and Read principles beyond well child visits into the clinic waiting room and community.
  • The incoming residents are interested in providing full-spectrum care that acknowledges that even in the midst of common illnesses, each patient has a unique story. One resident served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Uganda and as a community health worker in Lesotho.  With the lessons she learned through these experiences, she is committed to reducing healthcare disparities and providing cost-effective healthcare.

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Eau Claire Residency

Eau Claire Residents 2018

The new Eau Claire residents, from left: Cody Howe, DO; Yuliya Perepelitsa, MD; Clayton Wagner, MD; Kiesha Bullock, MD; J. Owen Beck, DO; Laura Padhye, MD

  • Five of the six incoming Eau Claire residents are originally from Minnesota.
  • The new residents come to medicine from various paths. One has an undergraduate degree in finance and one has a degree in biomedical engineering. One has finished a transitional year of residency and one completed a year of pathology residency.
  • Among the incoming residents, two are DOs and four are MDs, and three are women and three are men.

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Madison Residency

Madison Residents 2018

The new Madison residents. Front row, from left: Andrea Suarez, MD; Allison Jenness, MD; Taylor Boland, MD. Back row, from left: Nicholas Squires, MD; Megan Bartz, MD; Jonathan Christ, MD; Stacey Schley, MD; Samantha Mayhew, MD; Robert Freidel, MD; Parker Hanson, DO; Mark Matusak, DO; James Ircink, MD; Diana Cowdrey, MD; John Yeakel, MD; Carly Salter, MD; Alexandra Wolf, DO

  • The new Madison residents are very interested in advocating for their communities.  They have been involved with professional societies and have met with legislators and community leaders about policies including infant mortality, opioid use, alcohol abuse, healthcare economics and diversity.  Residents have also traveled internationally to learn what is working in other health systems. They are interested in engaging the community and making a difference in the lives of their patients.
  • Many of the first-year residents are interested in sports medicine, whether that is helping a patient discover their inner athlete or providing care for an Olympic competitor.  During medical school, residents have provided medical coverage for the NHL Prospect Tournament / Detroit Red Wings Training Camp as well as working with children to develop healthy habits. They bring an interest in nutrition and exercise as medicine.
  • Incoming residents have a strong interest in teaching other medical professionals.  In medical school, residents created and implemented an ultrasound elective and helped teach osteopathic manipulative medicine and anatomy courses.  They are looking forward to continued teaching opportunities throughout residency.

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Wausau Residency

Wausau Residents 2018

The new Wausau residents. Eileen Reilly, MD; Joseph Fitz, MD; Jessa Swartz, MD; Marcus Powers, MD; Mariam Shetab, MD

  • Three of Wausau’s incoming residents are from Wisconsin, one is from Colorado, and another is from California.
  • Two of the incoming residents have research experience. All five have various volunteer experience in free clinics, international medical missions, a medical club for grade school students, Women in Medicine, and a community home.
  • Personal interests include travel, reading, cooking, music, and outdoor activities such as bicycling and hiking.

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Academic Partner Residency Programs

La Crosse Family Medicine Residency Program at Gundersen Health System

La Crosse Residents 2018

The new La Crosse residents, from left: Chris Laylan, MD; Cassandra Lanning, DO; Mark McCabe, MD; Zachary Meyer, MD; Jacob Ball, MD; Ian Stock, DO

  • All of the incoming residents were born and raised in the Midwest, with five from Wisconsin and one from Iowa.
  • Two residents are doctors of osteopathic medicine and four are allopathic physicians.
  • Five incoming residents plan to work in a rural setting.
  • The new residents have a variety of interests, including full-spectrum medicine, geriatrics, sports medicine, and community health.

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Aurora Lakeland Rural Training Track

Lakeland RTT Residents 2018

The new Lakeland RTT residents, from left: Anna Mirer MD, PhD, MPH; Nicole Hammes, MD; Karlee LaFavor, MD; Heather Cloum, MD, MPH

  • The program’s four residents come from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana.
  • Two of the incoming residents have a master of public health degree in addition to their medical degree; of those, one also has a PhD.
  • Incoming residents’ prior experiences include a teaching fellowship focused on public health, medical education and underserved populations; clinical practice in therapy and rehabilitation; a rural physician associate program; and a research assistantship.
  • Incoming residents’ clinical interests include full-spectrum family medicine, obstetrics and the use of buprenorphine and naloxone to treat opioid addiction.

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Aurora Family Medicine Residency–Milwaukee

Milwaukee residents 2018

The new Milwaukee residents. Front row, from left: Morgan Lively, DO; Mary Dunkin, MD; Kristin Randa, DO; Anna Karst, DO; Chella Bhagyam, DO. Back row, from left: Keyonna Taylor-Coleman, MD; Leart Neziri, MD; Taylor Rutledge, DO; Steven Wipijewski, DO; Patrick Foss, MD

  • Of the program’s 10 incoming residents, five are natives of Wisconsin, one each are from Minnesota, Texas, North Dakota, and Ohio, and one is from Kicevo, Macedonia.
  • Six incoming residents are doctors of osteopathic medicine.
  • Incoming residents’ clinical interests include women’s health and obstetrics, community health, sports medicine, transgender health and geriatrics.

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Aurora Family Medicine Residency–Waukesha

Waukesha residents 2018

The new Waukesha residents, from left: David Leinweber, MD; Bria Prososki, MD; Blaine Stott, DO; Sara Berry, DO; Richard Dao, MD; Abigail Miller, MD

  • The program’s six residents come from Wisconsin, Illinois, Oklahoma, Iowa and South Carolina.
  • Two of the incoming residents are interested in obtaining a master’s of public health during residency and two are considering doing an obstetrical fellowship after residency.
  • The new residents have a wide variety of interests, including geriatrics, public health, obstetrics and full-spectrum family medicine.

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Fellows 2018

The new fellows, from top left: Primary Care Research fellow Maggie Grabow, PhD, MPH; Academic Integrative Health fellow Yoshito Kosai, MD; Addiction Medicine fellow Elise Wessol, DO. From bottom left: Academic Fellows Anna Chase, MD, and Milap Dubal, MD; and Primary Care Sports Medicine fellow Matt Brown, MD. Not pictured: Primary Care Research fellow Hannah Foster, PhD

  • The two new primary care research fellows’ interests include dietary recommendations for patients with diabetes and alternative ways of delivering primary care through social/lifestyle prescriptions such as bikeshare prescriptions or fruit/vegetable prescriptions.
  • The new academic integrative health fellow is a graduate of the DFMCH’s Madison residency program. His clinical interests include mindfulness as a treatment for anxiety and depression and the integration of allopathic medicine and exercise/fitness.
  • The new addiction medicine fellow has just completed her residency training at Carle Foundation Hospital in Champaign, Illinois. She has seen firsthand the toll that addiction takes on families and in communities, and she is committed to pursuing a career in addiction medicine.
  • The two new academic fellows are both former residents who practice at the UW Health Northeast Family Medical Center. One is interested in women’s health, education, and advocacy.  The other brings interests in teaching, curricular affairs and research.
  • The primary care sports medicine fellow is a Madison residency program graduate with interests in injury prevention and recovery, promoting lifelong healthy lifestyles in athletes post competition, and promoting an active population through involvement in sport at all ages.

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Published: July 2018