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The application deadline is December 1, 2024

University of Wisconsin Academic Fellowship is an opportunity for family physicians to enhance their teaching, clinical, scholarly and leadership skills. The 1-2 year program is designed to allow each adult learner to participate in a variety of educational and professional opportunities that best meet his/her professional interests and career goals.

Components of the fellowship are described below, with optional components noted by italics:


  • Four half-days a week caring for continuity patients in a family practice center.
  • Attend on the inpatient teaching services at the University of Wisconsin Hospital with a faculty mentor .
  • Participate in limited attending call, both obstetric and medicine/pediatrics call (1-2 times a month).
  • Enhancing clinical skills in an area of interest with a University of Wisconsin Dept of family medicine faculty member (This opportunity may give fellows added understanding of their academic area of interest, but the fellowship is not intended to be a clinical fellowship.)


  • One half-day a week supervising resident physician care in a family practice center (“precepting” or “staffing”).
  • Participate in fellowship seminars one to two hours a week on Tuesday afternoons.
  • Inpatient attending teaching as above.
  • Work with medical students in the clinic setting on an occasional basis.
  • Teach resident physicians in the UW Dept of Family Medicine residency seminar series, the residency clinical competency committee, and the R1 evaluation session.
  • Teach medical students clinical skills in a small group setting for the UW School of Medicine and Public Health course “Patient, Doctor and Society”
  • Enroll in courses on adult learning through the UW Office of Continuing and Vocational Education (CAVE).


  • Meet with mentor committee quarterly to review educational plan and progress.
  • Participate in fellowship seminars covering basic research skills, statistics, grant writing and project management.
  • Design and implement a presentable, publishable scholarly project with assistance from mentor committee. Projects may be a research study answering a clinical or educational question, curriculum design and/or evaluation, or innovative teaching methods.
  • Meet with project advisor monthly during the second year.
  • Attend professional meetings which may include Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, NAPCRAG, AAFP, among others.
  • Participate in fellowship writing workshops as well as departmental monthly workshops.


  • Pursue advocacy interests in conjunction with the many opportunities that already exist through programs in the department of family medicine including: the Latina community, children with special health needs, integrative medicine, substance abuse prevention and treatment, single payer health care, international health, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender communities, intimate partner violence, quality measures in health care, nuclear disarmament, and reproductive health access.
  • Participate in health policy activities through the American Association of Family Physicians Policy Center and other programs.
  • Be involved with academic organizations such as the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, the state and county medical society, or the American Academy of Family Physicians in ways that engage the fellows in learning about leadership in academic or physician organizations.

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